АгораБеоград: LETTER TO THE CZECH PEOPLE & to all nations whose governments BOYCOTT The MOSCOW MILITARY PARADE of VICTORY OVER FASCISM (greetings to Václav Dvořák, Elsässer, Fusaro, Galloway, Meyssan, Draitser…)

& to all nations whose governments BOYCOTT
(greetings to Václav Dvořák, Elsässer, Fusaro, Galloway, Meyssan, Draitser…)

World was reading respectfully about the dignity and respect for the people president of Czech Republic showed when he refused to be blackmailed and threatened by the western empires into boycott of Moscow Military Parade of victory over fascism.

Andrew H. Schapiro, US ambassador to Czech Republic:
“It would be unfortunate for President Zeman to be there [Moscow Victory Day Military Parade] as perhaps the only EU head of state.”1

President Miloš Zeman responded:
“I will not allow any ambassador to have a say in my foreign travel plans”
“I cannot imagine that the Czech ambassador in Washington would advise the US president where he should travel. And I will not allow any ambassador to have a say in my foreign travel plans.”2
“I’m afraid, after this statement the doors of the Prague Castle are closed for Ambassador Schapiro,”3

“My absence from the ceremonies in Moscow would insult the memory of the 150,000 Soviet soldiers, who gave their lives for the liberation of Czechoslovakia.”4

Later on, the official line changed… and from the government offices came out a sketch of a “compromise”, according to which Czech Republic would 50% honour the Russian soldiers fell in the battle liberating Czechoslovakia, 5 but would also pay respect to the western sultans by 50% participation in insulting the host of Victory Day.

As if the insult 0.5, or respect 0.5 is possible.

Of course, this was perpetrated in a typical manner of the western democracies – no one asked the people for opinion, let alone invited them to decide anything.
Instead of the people, everything was reasoned and decided by – the offices.

Even if customs of western democracies are such that between the people and democracy there is an impenetrable wall of the “mainstream” media,
nevertheless people should never accept this but always seek the way to break the wall.

State may represent its citizens, its people,
or it can, instead, represent the embassies of the westerner, northerner & the more powerful.
And that would be entirely in the spirit of western democracies.

But nothing can stop you – the people to determine the will of the people, to turn your will into decision, and then to demand from representatives of the people to carry out your decision.
If those “representatives” of the people refuse to represent – the people,
if they owe their loyalty not to their citizens but – to the sun rising in the west,
then let the people’s delegation represent the Czechs at the Moscow Military Parade celebrating victory over fascism.

For a start, it would suffice if a group of people whose honour has been proven by their public work, if those respected by many and listened by many…


…it would suffice if people like Václav Dvořák – research public opinion of the Czechs, and report the truth about the will of the people to the Czechs and to the world.
One hundred or a thousand phone calls randomly dispersed throughout the Czech Republic would unmistakably demonstrate the will of the Czechs on the matter.

Two simple questions would suffice for every citizen to solve “the 9th May dilemma”:


  1. Do you think nations of the world must demand justice for over a million Iraqi children martyred by sanctions and uranium made in USA/UK, and must demand justice for the victims and for the perpetrators of uranium crimes committed against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia/Serbia…?
  1. Do you think the Czech people should send the people’s delegation to the Military Parade in Moscow, to celebrate victory over fascism and to honour the fallen heroes?

Answering these two question would show where every citizen stands, where the people stand, and why.

If there are no Czechs who want to be represented at the Moscow Military Parade to honour those who saved the world from the western imperialism…
then such a delegation should not exist.

But, if significant part of the Czech people want their representatives at the Victory Day Parade
then nothing can stop the people from sending their – people’s delegation.

Of course, such a survey and the delegation of the will of the people – Germans can initiate in their country…

[…with additional, third question:

  1. Do you think US military bases and US army should leave the Germany?]


(Jürgen Elsässer)

and so should do the Italians (with the third question slightly modified, of course)…


(Diego Fusaro)

and the British…


(George Galloway)

and the citizens of the United States…


(Eric Draitser)

and the French…


(Thierry Meyssan)

…and so should organize all the honourable citizens whose government does not represent the people but imperialism.

It is time the nations prove themselves and to the world they are stronger than the Brussels and Washington offices…

It is time we show them – we are free.

Georga M. Lalich (Ђорђе М. Лалић),
author of the „mainstream“ media analysis (What is the most important interview of the century) and the „mainstream“ politics analysis (What is the gravest mistake of Noam Chomsky) at www.noimperialismnoaggression.org,
is a part of the АгораБеоград (AgoraBeograd FREEDOM vs IMPERIALSM) initiative.


4 Czech president to attend V-Day events in Moscow in May to remember WW II heros
Itar-Tass Monday 9th March, 2015 http://www.russianews.net/index.php/sid/230897135

5 Czech President Chickens out in the End. Will Not Attend Moscow Victory Day Parade


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