UNDER NAZI WINGS: 19 years ago NATO tested on Serbia the Goebbels’ strategy of Fake humanitarian wars

…The analogy of the Wehrmacht aggression- based on the false propaganda, against one small and defenseless country- with the aggression, of today the world most powerful, NATO military alliance against one small Serbia, is obvious. Not only in the striking similarity of the false (war mongering) propaganda- which was in both cases, cited above, presented to the world audience “as a massacre of 50 innocent villagers”, to be then used as an excuse for starting the illegal war- It was  as well strikingly similar in the following “chain reaction” events:

Like- Czechoslovakia served to Hitler and Goebbels, as a probe balloon for expanding their global war, in which will perish dozens of millions of people, mostly innocent civilians- By US controlled NATO, Serbia (then Yugoslavia) was used too as the testing polygon for their future wars against other independent nations, which will be conveniently camouflaged under the disguise of “the…

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