Syrian Bacon or- How Donald faked WarGasm…

…Just imagine a very realistic, and not so hypothetical, scenario: Donald is about to be impeached, and Donald is just about to launch the nuclear missiles (against “the Rocket man” in N. Korea, or Ayatollah in Iran), as he demonstrated recently that he was very itchy to try.

That scenario is not going to be longer just some “smoke screen” like it was two days ago in Syria; but rather some very ugly and very big “mushroom screen”…

Syrian Bacon or- How Donald faked WarGasm…

Remember the epic Moore’s movie Canadian Bacon, from 1995? The hypothetical story about US president (Alan Alda) convinced by the CIA and a shady weapon manufacturer that “false flag” war against Canada will improve his (bad) pre-election ratings. Then he started the fake aggression against Canada, which quickly escalated into the nuclear standoff with Russia…

Or, remember the more recent Levinson’s movie

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