EDITORIAL: Similarities between “the Douma Attack” and Western staged “False-Flag Ops” in Kosovo, in 1999


The West waged similar propaganda war against Serbia during illegal NATO bombing of country in 1999. Canadian CTV station was airing at that time the fake story about “10,000 Albanian boys” being held in Serbian captivity to be slaughtered and used as a blood bank”, while the reality was opposite- Hundreds of Serbian war prisoners and civilians were abducted during NATO war and in following years (under NATO occupation) and butchered for human organs.

The story about- Albanian terrorist group KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) kidnapping Serbs- to butcher them for human organs was later confirmed: both, by UN investigation (ICTY report CKX103) and EU Parliament fact finding mission (Dick Marty’ report)…

…And then was swapped under the rag- because NATO complicity and possibly direct involvement, in this Crime of Century, was so obvious.

As a prelude to the illegal NATO war against Serbia in 1999…

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