NATO shouldn’t be looking for WMD in Middle East- They can find them in Balkans, in a form of Own Deadly Legacy

EDITORIAL- The illegal and criminal NATO war (bombing) of Yugoslavia lasted for almost three months, from March 24th to June 10th 1999. By the estimates (in the aftermath of this illegal NATO war) from some leading European media this bombing was the heaviest and the most savage bombardment in post-WWII Europe.

…As many (illegal) US and NATO wars, before and after, this one was waged too on the false pretext and the fabricated evidence accompanied by the strong “Goebbels type” media propaganda, in order to achieve the global Western dominance in this and other “non-obedient” parts of the world.

Traditional Russian ally and independent & freedom loving Serbian nation was from their prospective “the natural target” for the NATO future goals (in preparation for their final showdown with Russia)- who disregarded and discarded the fact that in both World Wars, Serbia was practically the only Western ally in the Balkans…

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