AMERICAN EXPERT Jared Israel: Serbs are victims of shameful conspiracy with dead bodies

“`Israel said that Le Monde reporter Christophe Chatelot entered the village together with the verifiers, who contacted with the villagers and verifiers right after the shooting had stopped.
According to him, Chatelot later testified that everyone had believed that nothing else apart from the battle had happened, but lies came together with Walker the day later when the bodies of frozen people “showed up,” which were obviously brought in the same night somewhere from the forest where they died earlier.
“The whole story reminds me of Srebrenica. It was an already tested propaganda scenario,” said Israel.“`

American intellectual and author from Boston Jared Israel says the so-called massacre in Racak was a show which was used to make a decision on bombing of Serbia, whose end goal was for self-declared Kosovo to get independence.



“Apart from the verifier William Walker, a huge role in justifying the shameful bombing of a sovereign country was played by the Human Rights Watch, a propaganda machinery which portrays itself as the world’s biggest humanitarian organisation,” Israel told Vecernje Novosti.

He believes the organisation’s report of January 29, 1999 was a cover for the decision that the criminal attack on the Federal Republika of Yugoslavia which ensued on March 24 was justified.

Vecernje Novosti says that Israel was a member of the Slobodan Milosevic defence team in The Hague, where he was upset by constant propaganda and charged at Richard Dicker, one of the directors at Human Rights Watch.


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