Most of Albanian ISIS terrorists from Kosovo were Clinton’s assets during the illegal NATO war against Serbia in 99

WELL DONE PRESIDENT TRUMP! every American needs to read this!

The Liberal dominated media in the US has ignored the Tump administrations swift victory over the Islamic State. Perhaps the reason they choose to ignore it is because many of those dead ISIS jihadis where known Clinton assets!

Lavdrim Muhaxher was employed at the US run Kosovo Force (KFOR) camp also known as Camp Bondsteel in Ferizaj Kosovo until 2010. The camp was setup by the Clinton Administration after Clinton forged an alliance with the militant organization known as the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) The KLA was previously known as the LPK but changed its name in 1993 as it had been previously identified as a terrorist organization by the CIA under the Regan and Bush administrations.

In 2010, under the Obama administration Muhaxher was promoted to a NATO training camp…

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