In the Name of Political Correctness- Hiding the facts about the motives and origin of “Canadian Kingston Terrorists”

EDITOR’ COMMENT: The newest media reporting about the terrorist plot against the “Western Democracy” inspired by the “Islamic Extremism” is coming from the Canadian town of Kingston, following the yesterday’ arrest of “two individuals”. If you watched the Kingston media conference, organized by the Canadian security agencies, you would be amazed with the ability of the Police media liaison persons to talk for couple of hours on the above subject, and basically to say “nothing”. The only thing we learned from this televised conference (via CBC TV broadcaster) was that the not-named suspects caught with the bomb making material “were not a threat to the public”. Many blame the lenient and “painfully politically correct” Trudeau’ government for such hypocrisy:

“CANADA – Justin Trudeau has knowledge of the issue regarding ISIS terrorists in Canada, “only do not ask him to do something about this.” said Chris Wick.

The controlling Liberals entered…

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