NEW RESEARCH- Prof Greif: In Croatian WWII Nazi Camp `Jasenovac` at least 800,000 Serbs were murdered

“Because of the revealed cruelty, sadism… the findings were shocking! The chain of concentration camps know as “Jasenovac” was spread on 46 square kilometers, and it was 6 times bigger than Auschwitz- in fact it was a depiction of unimaginable cruelty. The Jasenovac’ crew of Croatian Ustasha was taking sadistic pleasure in own cruelty- they found a joy in the bestial torture of people. I would say, that they brought death to perfection”, stated Greif.     

Speaking about the difference between Jasenovac and Aushwitz, he said that “German National-Socialists preferred not to face victims, they liked the clean death, while Croatian Ustasha killers were finding a pleasure in suffering of their victims.

“There was a big difference, Croats would rather to watch the suffering of their dying victims. We can see it clearly from the photos taken in Jasenovac, while Germans proffered the gas chambers, which you…

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