Historian’ reply to US Diplomat who accused Serbia `Being on wrong side of history` by respecting Venezuela sovereignty

“You are the only country in the mankind history which used nuclear bombs (against civilian targets), and you did that when the war was already over, you sprayed (intentionally) many countries with (poisonous and deadly) Depleted Uranium…!

Who are you to judge- who is on the wrong side of history… Are you saying that we should be on your’ side, side of aggression and crimes?”

Historian Đorđe Bojanić: My answer to ambassador Scott for his public statement- that “Serbia is on the wrong side of history”…

Photo: “Vostok”

He says that “Serbia is on the wrong side of history”?
As an historian I cannot agree with such comment, and therefore I have to reply.
Mr Scott- about “the wrong side”?… The man who represents young, but very powerful and very aggressive country (just to make myself clear- it is not American people who are aggressive, only their politicians) the ones which spread death around Serbia, on Eastern 1944… The ones who bombed our children, civilians, schools, hospitals, factories, cultural monuments?
Was it “your right side in history & war” between Allied forces- consisting from Red Army and American Air Force, which in November 1944, soon after the liberation of (the largest second Serbian city) Nis, where the liberating Red Army and Yugoslav Partisan forces where stationed- when US Air Force bombed the city of Nis and advancing Red Army columns (pursuing NAZI German troops) on the road between Nis and Aleksinac… Were we then “on the wrong side of the history” too?
You represent the state which, after WWII, waged wars on numerous countries, either by invading them by military force, or by destroying them with its superior Air Power (and from the safe cowardly distance)– after that, there was no more any prosperity or happiness (just the wasteland and cemeteries)… from Korea and Vietnam, over Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, to Serbia…, and here we come now to Venezuela.
Only- how many dictators you supported- Remember Pinochet?
You are the only country in the mankind history that used the nuclear bombs (against civilian targets), and you did that when the war was already over, …you sprayed (intentionally) many countries with (poisonous and deadly) Depleted Uranium…!
Who are you then to judge- Who is on the wrong side of history? Are you saying that we should be on your’ side- side of aggression and crimes?
We have (in Our Kosovo) numerous historical and religious churches and monuments which we are still trying to save from you and your government… which is siding over there with the same ones who butchered our people for human organs, with the same terrorists for whom you created the quasi-state, from which they (with your full knowledge and support) ethnically cleansed over 250,000 Serbs, from their ancient land- The same way you and your government destroyed the Indians (American Natives), and then the few ones remaining you put behind the barb wire.
Is it your “right side of history”?
You are addressing here the people who throughout the history waged only the defensive wars against invaders, the people who never attacked or destroyed other nations, the people who defended Europe against the Ottoman Islamic invasion, the people who were their (European) last line of defense- Have you ever heard about Military Krajinas (in today Croatia), from which the remaining Serbs (the last European Defenders) were ethnically cleansed recently (by Croats- again with your help). We are the people who fought and bled in the wars against fascists and Nazis, and at that time, when we were defeating Nazis, your country bombed us multiple times- on Eastern 1944 (killing thousands of innocent civilians and leveling our major cities)… maybe that’s too “the wrong side of history”?
Yet, we are the people who have own historical roots- the nation with the ancient history.. and yours is just “new age history”, and that’s where probably lies your the mostpainful pressure point– it lies in something which your money cannot buy, in something you are only able to destroy with your bombs…  even then- our foundation will live forever.
And after all, you are surprised that Serbian people’ hearts are turned toward (brotherly) Russia… Here is another fact- this is the nation (Russia) which never fired single bullet or dropped a single bomb or rocket, on our people.. and I better not elaborate here on our “ancient brotherly connections”.
Where is your “civilization, culture”, where is your Christianity? That question should answer your nation- the ones who have been dropping bombs and rockets, and continue to do so even today- You should answer that question Mr. Scott!
 My advice to you is to familiarize yourself with the Geneva Diplomatic Convention from 1961- The international diplomatic agreement which regulates the frame for the diplomatic relations between sovereign countries.
 …And after all, I still have respect for you and your people… My culture, tradition and faith don’t allow me to be different (not like you)…
Đorđe Bojanić, Historian

US ambassador in Serbia Kyle Scott openly and blatantly interfering into Serbian internal affairs and uttering “veiled threats”:


US Ambassador Kyle Scott: “The people of Venezuela are starving under the illegitimate rule of dictatorial regime. More than 50 states of Latin America, North America and Western Europe are siding with Venezuelan people and provisional president Guaido. SERBIA IS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY. Tanjug News Agency… 20FEB2019 (PIN translation)       


Originally published @ ВОСТОК

Translation- PIN editor M. Novakovic

The html title and comments in brackets- by PIN Editor


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