Twenty years ago NATO launched illegal war against Serbia under false pretext- killing & maiming thousands civilians

EDITORIAL- On March 24th 1999, US and NATO alliance started the biggest and most barbaric bombing campaign in post-WWII Europe, against Serbia and Monte Negro (then Yugoslavia). This illegal war (in violation of UN Charter and even NATO own Statute) was launched under the false pretext (US staged “massacre” in Kosovo village Racak) and conducted relentlessly for 78 days.

Superior NATO Air Force launched against defenseless Serbia over 420,000 projectiles and bombs amounting in 22,000 tons of explosive ordinance. 15 tons of dropped bombs and projectiles were highly radioactive Depleted Uranium (DU) projectiles. In addition to this obvious violation of Geneva Convention- NATO used in civilian areas the cluster bombs, targeted hospitals, schools, residential areas, civilian factories, buses, passenger trains, civilian media outlets, one foreign embassy, power plants, civilian bridges, chemical factories (un)intentionally triggering ecological disasters, NATO even “managed” to hit the maternity ward in Belgrade hospital, maiming pregnant women…

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