KLA terrorist turned Kosovo PM who butchered Serbs for human organs says: I am US soldier marching on Pentagon orders

“The Albanian people all in our lands are part of what America is leading. In the whole global plan we are together,” – Current “Kosovo PM” and former commander of Kosovo Liberation Army, which was, prior to US illegal war against Serbia in 1999, designated by USG as the terrorist organization…

Kosovo is not recognized by 5/7 of humanity, including Russia, China and India, as well as Serbia itself, Mirkovic pointed out. Washington’s policy since 2008, irrespective of which party is in power, has been to pressure Belgrade into recognizing Kosovo as independent.

“Why did NATO bomb Yugoslavia 20 years ago? Because it wanted a foothold in the Balkans, it wanted a military base like Bondsteel,” Mirkovic told RT, referring to the massive US base in the province’s southeast.

‘I am a soldier of America’: Kosovo PM says he follows US lead against Serbia & Russia

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