Sri Lanka massacre & politically-correct madness: Word “Christian” censored by Western MSM and politicians?

EDITORIAL> There is visible discrepancy, not only in the Western self-imposed censorship when comes to the use of words “Christian & Christianity”, but in a lack of coverage of this terrible massacre of Sri Lanka Christians (300 hundred dead- hundreds maimed), in relation to the similar (and much smaller- 50 dead, dozens maimed) massacre of New Zealand Muslims in Christchurch. For example- the Christchurch massacre of Muslim worshipers was playing (& being directly streamed) on US & Canadian MSM 24 hour a day (for days), while the Eastern massacre of Christians worshipers was just “mentioned” in the headlines- to be already, on the second day, brushed under the “Western Main Stream Media Rug”!?

…Prominent Democrats deliberately avoided using the word “Christian” when condemning bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday as part of a policy to undermine Christian faith in the US.

The way some US…

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