This editorial was initially written in response to the comment on the article “Srebrenica and the historical context of the Yugoslav civil war” (at our “Foreign Blog”):

Wow. People don’t believe there was a massacre at Srebenica? That’s crazy. Have the mass graves been censored from the Serbian media?

EDITOR: “People” know that there had been massacres in (and around) Srebrenica- 1. in the summer of 1995 over Muslims, and 2. between 1992 and 1995 over Serbs- and that’s the proper label: “just” the massacre”, not genocide.

Definition of Srebrenica Genocide is manufactured in the Western controlled Hague Tribunal (ICTY), purely for the political purposes. Against the fact that international and UN forensics and other experts were able to forensically determine “the mass execution” and identification of 2,028 of Muslim war prisoners (men of military age). Western powers

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