COMPLAINT TO CBSC (The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council @ https://www.cbsc.ca/make-a-complaint/)


During the TV broadcast of the public discussion  hosted by Francine Pelletier, with the guests: former Canadian diplomat Jeremy Kinsman and Freedom House president Michael J. Abramowitz- One anonymous public participant (@53:01min)who identified himself as “a former member of Canadian forces, citizen of Switzerland, and a war crime investigator”, accused Canada for “harboring Serbian war criminals from Bosnia”. Without being challenged by the host or panel participants, he went further citing astronomical number of (his “personal information”) “20,000 Serbian war criminals being sheltered across N. America”.

 On the top of singling out one ethnic group in Canada, and dropping on the audience the bombshell fake number, this individual requested that Canada has “to take care of those dozens of thousands Serbian war crime perpetrators” and their list to be released to Canadian public via media.

 As a Serbian-Canadian, I felt deeply offended for my ethnic group being singled out during this public panel discussion, even more for that obvious fake (news) number of “20,000 Serbian war criminals” (which is simply impossible, because Bosnian Serb refugees coming to Canada after 1990ies hardly would make that number in total- which then implies that all Serbian refugees, including the children, are “war criminals”?).

 Even I felt more offended that such blatant stunt and a fake information- bordering with the hate crime against one ethnic group, by this emotionally charged and erratic individual, who obviously got some personal agenda against Serbs (if not vendetta)- wasn’t challenged by the moderator (host) Pelletier and other two respectable panel discussants. In fact Mr. Kinsman and Mr. Abramovitz went further, stating that they agree with the most accusations against Serbs, brought up by this anonymous public member.

 I wrote the letter to CPAC, regarding the unchallenged anti-Serbian bias during their broadcast, requesting some “corrective action” to be taken, and apology to the respectable, loyal and law abiding Serbian community in Canada to be issued- in same time I feel that your investigation is warranted here, to prevent such outpours of ethnic hatred, and airing of the unfounded and I believe fake allegations, during the live TV broadcast on some Canadian media…

Ref. http://www.cpac.ca/en/programs/public-record/episodes/66002583?jwsource=cl


GOEBBELS STYLE PROPAGANDA- Canadian TV broadcaster aired today (05July2019) unchallenged the fake (news) statement from the one anonymous  public discussion participant, suggesting that among Serbian refugees from Bosnia, residing in North America, are 20,000 “genocidal war criminals”. Even if that monstrous false accusation by some miracle was truthful, that would than suggests (taking to account the real number of Serbian refugees from 1990ies) that among Serbian “war criminals” were women and children!? Enclosed is the PIN Editor’s letter sent to the CPAC editorial board…


I just was watching (July5th @ 10:00- 11:00) your TV show: “RightsCity 2019 Conference – Democracy under Threat”, hosted by Francine Pelletier, who lead a discussion with Jeremy Kinsman and Michael J. Abramowitz- And was appalled and deeply offended by the unfounded anti-Serbian bias demonstrated by the anonymous last public participant in the discussion, who aggressively (and very emotionally- which…

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