Bosnian leader: Srebrenica was “arranged genocide” between US president Clinton and Bosnian president Izetbegovic

Serbian FBReporter in English

 “If I was in a position to try Naser Oric (Srebrenica’ Muslim Commander) in International Crime Tribunal in Hague for the crimes against Serbs, I would sentence him at least to 20 years of imprisonment. But for the crimes he committed against own Muslim people I would send him to jail for at least 200,000 years. He is the most responsible for Srebrenica becoming one of the darkest episodes in the mankind history

Testimony by Bosnian SDA leader Ibran Mustafic: 1,000 Muslims in Srebrenica were killed by our own hand!

Originally published on 01.06.2014. (Translated by PIN editor on 13.07.2019)

…I heard it from the former Srebrenica police chief Hakija Meholjic at least ten times. But I would not be surprised if he now “suddenly” changes the story- stated one of founders of SDA (Bosnian Party of Democratic Initiative)…

Ibran Mustafic

Bijeljina- “Between 500 and 1,000 of…

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