No justice for Christians in NATO occupied Kosovo: In 2003 Albanian extremists shot 6 Serbian teens- Killers were never found

Serbian FBReporter in English

16 YEARS HAS PASSED SINCE THE HORRIFIC ALBANIAN CRIME IN GORAZDEVAC : Two Serbian children were killed, while four others were wounded! The tragic anniversary is marked by the Christian Prayers in their home village and in Belgrade…

Serbian Daily Paper “Kurir” (FBR translation)
13.08.2019. 01:06h

 During the commission of this horrific crime, (motivated by the ethnic & religious hatred) Albanian-Muslim perpetrators have killed Pantelija Dakic (12) and Ivan Jovovic (19), gravely wounding Marko Bogicevic (12), Dragana Srbljak (girl- 13), Bogdan Bukumirovic (14) and Djordje Ugrinovic (20)…

 BELGRADE- Today is 16th anniversary since the the murder of two and wounding of four Serbian teenagers and children in Gorazdevac, near city of Pec, in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. The teenagers were swimming in the river Bistrica, when “the unknown persons” opened fire from the automatic weapons targeting innocent and helpless Serbian youths.

The prayer commemorating the murdered teens will…

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