Did NATO gave Al-Qaeda an idea how to attack NY Towers on September 11 by bombing civilian skyscraper in Belgrade?

Serbian FBReporter in English

On April 21st 1999 multiple US warplanes- which conducted majority of air strikes against Serbia (then Yugoslavia) as part of the NATO led illegal aggression against this sovereign nation- fired missiles at Business Center “USCE” located in Serbian capital Belgrade, setting it on fire, by ultimately failing to “bring it down”.

If you look at the above pictures, the similarity with “two terrorist’s attacks” is very obvious. If we look at the background and the real motives behind NATO (US) aggression against Yugoslavia, then some things become more clear…

At the end of 20th century “The Western Civilization” was trying to burn down one of the oldest “Capitols” in Europe- under the cynical pretext of “Humanitarian Bombing”…

…In late 1990ies dysfunctional and obsolete NATO alliance (at the time the Cold War was over, and Berlin Wall came down) was trying to re-establish own purpose. That was the time when some…

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