DARWIN THEORY REVERSED: In Covid Era people are being turned into Obedient Monkeys.. And they even volunteer for it!

EDITORIAL- August 2021


If George Orwell, the author of the legendary book “1984”, was alive today he would be scratching his head in disbelief that our modern “democratic” society is turning voluntarily into the “Orwellian Gulag” beyond his wildest imagination. 

Another author David Icke, in his book “The Biggest Secret”, described this phenomena in next manner- The best way to deprive people of their constitutionally guaranteed  freedoms is to inflict in them unreasonable fear, and then to offer them a salvation by taking away from them the very same freedoms. And they won’t object it at all; furthermore, they will be crying offering themselves for such “spiritual self-mutilation” and “institutional degradation”. 


This Big Brother strategy is nothing new, it’s being used to control the mankind around the globe for centuries, if not millennia, and it’s quite simply explained in the medieval masonic rule “Ordo Ab Chaos”- Order from Chaos. Big Brother, in a form of the modern globalist governments, or how some call it today- the Deep States, would manufacture, or just allow to happen, some catastrophic event, and then would appear before us as an Ultimate Savior, with only one condition for their “services rendered”- that we voluntarily and gladly surrender whatever freedoms they ask us to.

The above is not anymore just some hypothetical Orwellian theory, but rather the very scary reality in which we live today, and we ourselves helped to be created- by surrendering our centuries old freedoms, instead of fighting for them, the same way our forefathers did numerous times before.

But Monkeys we decided to be.. J


It’s been almost two years since entire “modern democratic society” was placed under “house arrest”, in some cases incarcerated in “Covid Camps”- due to “phantom corona virus” which mysteriously and almost simultaneously spread around the globe. This process, in relatively short period, turned our entire Humanity into Inhumanity- people have been forced to distance themselves from everybody including own family members, to cover their faces even if it was creating the health hazard for many of them, any physical contact was treated as an unforgivable offence, often enforced by the zealous law enforcement agencies. In less than a year most people stopped shaking hands, hugging (and kissing) each other, even the closest family members. The unreasonable fear spread between us quickly and mercilessly- our vibrant democratic and free thinking society turned into the robotic one, literally overnight.

I am not trying here to prove that Covid Virus doesn’t exist, it is obviously among us, and in some cases it is very deadly. That is undeniable fact. But I am trying here to point at another, in my opinion more deadly “virus” which is- artificially imposing Dehumanization and a constant State of Fear and Paranoia on our society, which is already resulting in “the casualties” much higher than the Covid related ones.


Yesterday, while watching news on Canadian CTV cable channel, I was astounded by the comment of the TV anchor, who openly invited vaccinated people to confront the non-vaccinated ones, not just verbally, but to literally remove them from “their space”, including own family members, co-workers, etc. This TV tirade reminded me of the infamous Rwandan (“vaccinated”) Hutu radio host who was inciting “his people” over the airways for extermination of (“non-vaccinated”) Tutu people. We all know how such ideology of fear and hatred resulted in one of the worst genocides in our modern history.  I have no doubt that current confrontational “shaming media campaign” against “vaccine shy people”, silently approved by our governments, will result in something more serious (and violent) than just the verbal confrontation between Darwin’s “predecessors” and “the descendants” (who refuse to be “the monkeys”).

Covid virus itself it’s not monstrous like they are trying to present to us, but the imposed alienation and dehumanization, among (mostly obedient) people, it’s not only monstrous, but savage and barbaric, even under the terms of the medieval slavery- which chains we are still trying to shake off from our shameful history, but instead we are apparently just reintroducing them again. Only this time the slaves are not defined by the color of their skin, but rather by the amount of their fear and the lack of dignity and human integrity.


    The first thing that should sound alarm about the current state of Covid paranoia is the complete lack of any free and non-censored public debate on the subject. Alternative media and opinions are so well suppressed that Stalin, Mao and Hitler (together) would be very proud of our modern “Goebbels type propaganda ministers” and other government officials, including their (greedy and shameless) affiliated Corporate Social Network CEO’s. We are currently being presented with only one side of the story, and its narrative has been driven not only by our “Big Brothers” but by their “Big Pharma Sisters” (Big Bros & Big Sis) as well, which are now enormously profiting from so called “natural catastrophic event”- much more than various “Rockefellers” did in both world wars.

When recently became obvious that the fear from the “regular Covid” was starting to evaporate, our “democratic dictators” came up with the new “Delta variant”. There is no doubt, that when this “product” becomes obsolete, they will come with some new Gama, or maybe “Zyklon B” variant- but the show must go on, and “the herd needs be corralled”..  


For the last two years we have been flooded by the contradictory official statements, often confusing, and misleading messages regarding Covid 19 outbreak. Simply, when lacking the facts about the disease, or lacking the medical resources, or just lacking the competency, our government officials and “the independent international bodies” were adjusting and reversing own public strategy, very often for 180 degrees overnight- thus losing every credibility and public trust (if they had any), leaving the free minded and “free-bodied” people to scratch their heads, and to rightfully question their real intentions. Consequently, people started losing the trust in “the metamorphic official versions” which were popping overnight like mushrooms after the rain.

Initially they started pushing with the mandatory use of facial masks in public right away, but when they faced its shortage, they declared the mask were not really necessary- once they got enough masks in stock they again started recommending us to wear them almost 24hrs a day, even to use two or three of them at same time. Who cares if we couldn’t breathe normally, if our asthmas were worsening, or heart rate was skyrocketing, sometime resulting in deadly cardiac arrests?


Would be interesting to find out how many people died during last couple years from the imposed protective “Covid equipment”- not to mention “Covid 19 suicides”, divorces, joblessness,  homelessness, or thousands of imprisoned elderly people who died from the neglect, loneness, and depression in “senior houses of horrors”..

Now, even with the achieved so called “herd immunity” (an amazing medical expression comparing humans to cattle) they are trying to “mask-muzzle” everybody, even the small children in public schools and kindergartens. But the real phenomena- defying any sanity and logic- is “self-muzzling” in public open spaces (parks, hiking trails..) with ample “social distancing”, or even worse, inside own homes and within the immediate families. Simply, our over-obedient fella citizens (Darwin Predecessors) are voluntarily switching from humanity into inhumanity, stopping every socializing, stopping shaking hands with friends, kissing and hugging the loved ones, even stopping having the mask-less diners with own family members. In other words, they voluntarily, out of unreasonable fear, and blind obedience to the incompetent authorities, are giving up constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and everything that makes us humans. It looks like the inhumanity is prevailing, and the monkeys we decided to be, again..    


Such unconditional obedience and blind trust in “the official version” is hard to understand when even the “Big Bros & Big Sis” themselves are not trying to hide the fact that Covid vaccines are still experimental, far away from being fully and properly tested for the application on humans- what a better illustration for this statement than the fact that even US FDA (Food and Drug Agency) is refusing to approve the Covid vaccines, which are currently in use only by the Act of God (by the Presidential Orders)- and we all very well know how “competent & sane” are US presidents, especially the last two “unique samples”, which I personally wouldn’t trust them to look after the single sheep.

The governments’ own statistics show that the short term, not to mention the long term about we are yet to learn, side effects of these experimental vaccines, are: injuries, deaths, blood clots, neurological damage, stroke, heart attacks and paralysis. We know that many countries have completely stopped using certain types of vaccines out of (reasonable) fear of deadly, or life altering, side effects. Not Canada indeed- when faced with a lack of vaccines Canada gladly accepted the huge stockpiles of AstraZeneca vaccines which were outlawed in USA (as well in many European countries) and half-destined for the “garbage depots”- even paying for them. After facing the huge public-mistrust and backlash, plus huge stockpiles of the outdated AstraZeneca vaccines, they came up with “ingenious” decision to mix the first doses of this vaccine with any other available at the moment. Which is now resulting in a ban of Canadian travelers from many world destinations- it looks like the other countries have more competent governments on the above subject!?

In April this year, the respectable Canadian “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms”  (JCCF) published the study titled “Covid in Canada: Nothing much to fear”. Of course because their study doesn’t fit the official narrative, their findings were censored or ignored by the main stream media.


Let’s see what these findings are..

The latest official Covid numbers published by the Canadian government (CG) are: since January 2020 in Canada has been confirmed 572,982 cases and 15,472 people died, which looks quite scary. But when JCCF put these numbers in next context the official narrative begins to crumble-

Under “the cases” CG considers not only sick and hospitalized people, but largely the people with positive PCR test result that did not require any hospitalization or medical treatment. JCCF is citing the “explosive” statement by CG spokesperson Dr. Tam who stated that in Canada in one particular week (very recently) were 72,927 “cases” with less than 3,700 people hospitalized on any given day. When this statement was taken in context that in Canada at present are 1,200 hospitals with more than 73,000 beds- than the above official narrative looks rather as a deflated balloon.

Also in the context of official narrative citing half a million of “cases” out of 38 million populations we learn that only 1.5% of all Canadians were in some way affected by the virus. Which means that death toll in 2020 amounted to just 0.04 % of population, meaning that 99.96% of population survived Covid. The logical question here is- What is then the justification for the drastic inhumane and often unreasonable measures, inflicting financial and mental damage on entire nation, which real consequences we are yet to learn about in the years to come!? 

To illustrate the above statement we will “dissect” the official data from last year for Canadian province of British Columbia. The data is concluded by July 2021 and shows us that provincial Covid death rate is little lower than Canadian average and stands at 0.03%, while provincial survival rate is at 99.7%. Out of 5,145,851 provincial population, 3,024,113 were PCR tested- 4.90% came back positive, while 95.1% were negative, only 0.01% cases remained active.  When we further analyze this official report and break down the numbers of reported Covid deaths for this period, which in July this year was 1,763 people allegedly deceased from the Covid virus, we find some astonishing numbers which defeat the official narrative and justification for draconian anti-Covid measures. Around 1,640 of deceased persons were over age of 60, while vast majority, around 1,100, were over age of 80. But the most interesting fact is that “median age” of Covid deaths was 84, when this was put in the context with another government statistics- that average provincial life expectancy in this province is 82- it is hard to shake off the feeling that “something is very fishy” with the “official narrative”. 

For more insights on this subject I strongly suggest everybody to read the JCCF Report.


All “Western Democracies” have very well written Constitutions, Freedom Charters etc. which guarantee our personal and universal freedoms and other basic human rights. We will cite here again the Canadian example with which I am quite familiar-

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees rights to liberty and security of the persons, which cannot be denied except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. This provides us with autonomy over choices that impact on our own physical and psychological integrity, providing us with the right (personal choice) to give voluntary, informed consent to any medical treatment!

Specifically Section 7 (Life, liberty and security of the person) under subsection 2 (Right to liberty) states: “This aspect of liberty includes the right to refuse medical treatment and the right to make `reasonable medical choices` without threat of criminal prosecution.”

Further, under same subsection (Right to security of the person) Charter of Rights and Freedoms states: “Security of the person includes a person’s right to control his/her own bodily integrity.. (providing protection) from imposing unwanted medical treatment.”

The above citations are self-explanatory and they can lead us to only reasonable conclusion- that Canadian government and its provinces, and likely most other Western governments, are consciously resorting to the lawlessness and violation of own legislative acts, constitutions and Freedom charters- in order to satisfy some “mysterious agenda”, known only to them (Big Bros & Big Sis)..


Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) and World Health Organization (WHO) have issued common declaration titled “The Right to Health”.

Under Section B they cited three obligations, which are mandatory for the states around the world: Respect, Protect and Fulfil.

Under the obligation “to respect” this document states next: “The obligation to respect requires States to refrain from interfering directly or indirectly with the right to health. –For example, States should refrain.. From marketing unsafe drugs”.  Comment- How we can be sure that Covid vaccines are safe if they are still in “the experimental use”!?


The WHO which plays controversial role in implementing various draconic anti-Covid measures around the world has issued  a declaration (under its Constitution from 1946) titled “Human Rights and Health” in which WHO states next:

“Freedoms include the right to control one’s health and body and to be free from interference- for example: From non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation. ” Comment- Here is WHO shooting itself in the foot, by being silent on mandatory and forced Covid vaccinations around the world, as well by the approval of “the experimental vaccines”, while its own declaration invokes the protection “from non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation”!?

NOTE: There are many other legislative documents worldwide  which provide protection against unwanted medical treatments. Here is worth mentioning the Act of US Congress (the country which prouds itself as “The Human Rights Champion”) this document is titled “Amdt5. Right to Refuse Medical Treatment” and it’s accessible at the next link: https://constitution.congress.gov/browse/essay/amdt5-4-5-2-5-1/ALDE_00000903/


At the end, I will leave the final conclusion to you dear readers- namely to the “Darwin descendants” who refuse to be the obedient “government monkeys”. .

..The others, who don’t mind being “monkeys”, just let them be.. J

Mikhail Novak


The Issue of Mandatory Vaccines




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