20 years ago today `The Barbarians from Brussels` executed the most savage bombing over Civilian targets in Serbia – VIDEO

May 7th- NATO sprayed the downton core of the second largest Serbian city with CLUSTER BOMBS- Destroyed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade- Killing and maiming dozens of innocent people…

16 people were murdered, 70 wounded, when NATO air force dropped the cluster bombs over Serbian city of Nis. During the missile attack on Chinese embassy in Belgrade three Chinese nationals were killed as well…

 Sharply at 11:20 AM NATO bombers sprayed the downtown Nis with cluster bombs.

Nišlija gasi zapaljeni automobil posle napada NATO avijacije

The Nis’ resident is trying to extinguish the flames of burning car hit by NATO bombs.

The parts of cluster bombs exploded at front of the city Hospital’ Pathology ward, some by “Banovina” building, most of them hitting the city shopping center (Green Market)- some by the historical Nis Fortress, Clinical center “12 February”, city Bus Depot located by the river Nisava….

Among 16 murdered civilians was one pregnant young woman. More than 70 people were wounded or permanently maimed. Over 100 residential building were damaged, around 60 civilian vehicles were destroyed or heavily damaged.

Earlier this morning NATO bombed the North-West part of city, including the airport.

It was the catastrophic day for the Belgrade as well- that day of the most massive air assault, since the beginning of the illegal NATO war. was launched against the Serbian capitol: Bombs and “projectiles” struck the downtown core targeting the federal buildings- Military HQ, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, causing the extensive “collateral damage”…

The same evening at 23:45 NATO missiles were launched against the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. During this attack three Chinese journalists were murdered, while 20 other people were wounded. Embassy which was clearly marked as the diplomatic object was hit by three rockets. Along with the main embassy building, a couple of the auxiliary buildings in the embassy back yard were destroyed too.

Kineska ambasada posle bombardovanja

Chinese Embassy after the attack

In 2009, at front of Chinese Embassy was erected the memorial dedicated to the innocent victims of NATO bombing.

During the bombing of the Chinese Embassy NATO missiles inflicted the significant damage on the nearby business building “Energoproject” and Residential-Business center “JBC”.

Overnight the NATO air force bombed twice the hotel “Yugoslavia” in Belgrade, in the Belgrade’ suburb of Obrenovac they used the “graphite bombs” to destroy the civilian electrical power plant.

The same day NATO air force targeted the mountain “Fruska Gora” (National Park) located located at the Novi Sad’ (third largest Serbian city) outskirts. Along with some civilian TV relays, they destroyed the popular regional park and picnic area “Brankovac”

In the Belgrade’ suburb of Pancevo they hit the Oil refinery for the second time (effectively, and probably intentionally, creating the ecological disaster)..

So much from “The Savages from the Brussels”- And in only one day…

Source: http://www.rts.rs/page/stories/sr/78%D0%B4%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B0/story/2865/iz-dana-u-dan/3511832/7-maj–kasetnim-bombama-po-centru-nisa-raketirana-kineska-ambasada.html

Translation by the PIN Editor


  • I regularly share your posts but don’t understand why you blame the EU (Brussels) for the bombing of Serbia. The US were the main culprit and are not even members


    • Dear Reader,

      Brussels is NATO HQ as well, not only EU admin center. In my metaphoric title I referred to NATO as a whole, which master(mind) is of course US>
      NATO Headquarters is the political and administrative centre of the Alliance. It is located at Boulevard Leopold III in Brussels, Belgium.”
      But we need to bear in our minds that after the US, EU is the secondary promoter (and executor) of the illegal “Kosovo” independence, which is meant to justify the NATO illegal and criminal war that resulted in armed annexation of “Serbian Jerusalem”- Kosovo.
      Again, leading EU countries- NATO members were instrumental, together with Evil US Empire, in achieving this criminal goal, and share equal legal responsibility..
      Any way, I appreciate your input, and support in (in)correcting the “political correctness”. 🙂

      PIN Editor


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