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Gorraiz: Are the US and Cuba negotiating the future of Venezuela?

Maduro’s decision to confiscate the General Motors plant was seen by the Trump Administration as an attack against the interests of US multinationals, a scenario that was exploited by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, (former President and CEO of Exxon Mobil when it was nationalized in 2007 by Hugo Chávez) to declare Chavista Venezuela a “dangerous enemy of

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Millions Wasted “Rebuilding” Afghanistan

Seventeen years of wasted taxpayer money and government mismanagement: millions of U.S. dollars spent on projects to rebuild Afghanistan that have not helped the Afghan people. In some cases, these projects actually put Afghans in danger. This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else. Seventeen years of wasted taxpayer money and government mismanagement: millions of U.S. dollars spent

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EU sad reality: They killed their father They blew up their house Now they ask them to cover the cost of this war crime

HAPPENING IN CROATIA- `PROSPECTIVE` E.U. MEMBER: They blew up their house, and now they request them to pay for removing the rubble (the very evidence of Croatian war crimes) The widow and children of Milan Novakovic (Serbian civilian who was kidnapped and killed by the West supported separatist Croatian army in 1991) who had been permanently expelled (ethnically cleansed) from

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KLA terrorist turned Kosovo PM who butchered Serbs for human organs says: I am US soldier marching on Pentagon orders

“The Albanian people all in our lands are part of what America is leading. In the whole global plan we are together,” – Current “Kosovo PM” and former commander of Kosovo Liberation Army, which was, prior to US illegal war against Serbia in 1999, designated by USG as the terrorist organization… Kosovo is not recognized by 5/7 of humanity, including

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March 24, 1999 – A day that will live in infamy, the illegal bombing of Serbia

Originally posted on Adara Press:
20 years ago today, President Bill Clinton, using the power of his office, went to war against the Serbian people, a tiny European nation that had been American allies in both World War I and World War II. Understandably, the Serbian people were in horrified disbelief. Even today, they cannot grasp why this was done…

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Twenty years ago NATO launched illegal war against Serbia under false pretext- killing & maiming thousands civilians – VIDEO

EDITORIAL- On March 24th 1999, US and NATO alliance started the biggest and most barbaric bombing campaign in post-WWII Europe, against Serbia and Monte Negro (then Yugoslavia). This illegal war (in violation of UN Charter and even NATO own Statute) was launched under the false pretext (US staged “massacre” in Kosovo village Racak) and conducted relentlessly for 78 days. Superior

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In retrospect to `Christchurch` massacre`: Islamic prosecution and slaughter of Christians in Nigeria goes Silent

NOTE: This is report from 2018, but the problem persists (and according to some sources is getting worse) and the West stay silent (and often complicit) on “Christian exodus” in Africa, Middle East, Kosovo, and elsewhere… Simply, bringing the Christians victims into some wider picture- and its equation with the Muslim’ victims of “Right wing terrorism” in New Zealand- doesn’t

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BOSNIAN AUSCHWITZ- `Genocide` the West doesn’t want you to know about: They were burning Serbs alive!!!

Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Ironworks furnaces– ‘‘ Significant Number of Serbian inmates, who were held in the Penitentiary Zenica by Bosnian Muslim forces, were burned in blast furnaces  of Zenica Ironworks,” – Mirsad Kebo, Vice President of the B/H Federation  Bosnia: Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Ironworks furnaces March 8, 2019 Grey Carter Sarajevo – “ A significant number of Serbian

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