What this Superpower’ Military did to the small and defenseless country, constitutes the War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Can you imagine- in these modern times, marked by the enormous democratic, humanitarian and technological advances of our Mankind- One of the largest and most powerful nations: savagely and relentlessly bombing one small and defenseless country for three months, murdering over 6,000 innocent civilians, including over a hundred children, maiming dozens thousands of them, systematically destroying the entire country infrastructure including the hospitals and schools, hence sending this innocent country (which by the way never attacked or provoked this superpower) back to the stone age..

Can you imagine this Superpower, which proud itself as being one of the most civilized nations, violating all the international humanitarian and military laws and conventions, by using this defenseless country as the polygon for testing its modern weaponry, against mostly civilian targets, including the weapons specifically outlawed by the Geneva convention- such as: tons of highly radioactive Depleted Uranium projectiles, thousands of Cluster Bombs, Graphite Bombs, Phosphorous bombs, intentionally setting on fire the Oil refineries and Chemical factories, thus intentionally creating the Ecological disaster..

And if all the above wasn’t enough to horrify and instill you to ask yourself the question- how this world is going to end!?

Then just add to your imagination something, which actually is not the imagination but the harsh reality: the Barbaric behavior in “the battle fields”, of that Superpower’ stanch Paramilitary ally- which, with the silent approval of the very same bully Superpower, inflicts on the innocent population the most horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity, such as: torture, rape and murder of innocent civilians, not even sparing the “enemies” children in the baby cribs, torture and summary executions of POWs, kidnapping thousands of young civilians and soldiers, and butchering them for their human organs- and consequently annexing (read: stealing) the richest province of this smaller country! And all of this- taking place with the silent approval of the above mentioned big, bully and “civilized” Superpower..

Can you imagine all of that, and much more- for which we right now don’t have the time and space to present you here- and still feel indifferent?  

And after your “imagination” starts turning into the harsh reality, I am pretty sure most of you will scream and cry out very loud “Russia, Russia, evil Russia..!”

But I am sorry to disappoint you; even some of the above horrific facts might appear similar to the current events in Ukraine- I am not talking here about Russia, but about another- much bigger and much more evil Superpower: United States of America and its Western servants.

The above short narrative describes what USA, NATO allies and its Albanian Paramilitary KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army- prior to this NATO war, classified by US government as the terrorist organization) did to: then UN member Republic of Yugoslavia with its Serbian and Montenegrin population, in the summer of 1999. Indeed they did all of the above and much worse, and they even got away with those war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Why? The answer is simple, the international laws and norms only formally apply to the Western war criminals and human rights violators led by the USA, which has been violating and ignoring them with impunity for decades.

..And who the heck then they are to lecture Russia on Ukraine!? Russia is simply eliminating the security threat in own back yard and preventing the 8 year continuous Ukrainian genocide over the Russian speakers in Donbass, while US and NATO, in the case of former Yugoslavia, and many other defenseless countries in the recent past, unlawfully attacked and butchered them- thousands of miles from their “Western homelands”, just for the sake of their (neo)colonial interests.

But this dark “Unipolar episode” is already behind us- Welcome to the Multipolar world in which nothing is anymore as used to be. Just get used to that…       

Notice: The above pictures present the small fraction of NATO war crimes against civilian infrastructure in 99 war. We decided to not to show the very graphic and sickening pictures of the Yugoslavian civilians butchered by NATO and its allies in their 3 month long illegal war against independent Yugoslavia. The history will be the judge…

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