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ALARMING: In Serbia some elderly people trying to escape starvation by medicating themselves into hibernation

Dr Dejan Zujovic: Some time ago, when I was practicing family medicine at “Old Convention Centre” at Belgrade, I noticed one very old lady. She was around 80 and frequently she asked me to prescribe her a painkiller named “Trodon” (Tramadol?). I suspected that she was reselling this powerful painkiller to local drug addicts, in order to survive. One day

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Croatian fans detained over vulgar anti-Serbian banner

EDITORIAL: This is happening in a country which foundation derives from the unpunished WWII genocide over Serbian minority, and a country which, with the Western blessing and active US military support, conducted the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe (since WWII) in 1995, again unpunished- and guess what: The biggest Croatian political protector is again the mighty Germany. At least German

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Petition on Ustasha Treasury Filed on Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 22, 2020 Holocaust Remembrance Day – Serbia FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USTASHA VICTIMS FILE PETITION WITH CROATIAN PRESIDENT SEEKING ACCOUNTING OF USTASHA TREASURY IN ROME Belgrade: On Serbian Holocaust Remembrance Day, a petition was filed with Croatian President Zoran Milanović seeking a final accounting of the World War Two Ustasha Treasury. During the Second World War hundreds of thousands of

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The Brexit and the triumph of Trump staged the settlement of the "teleological scenario" in which the purpose of the creative processes were planned by finite models that could intermodelar or simulate various alternative futures and in which prevailed the intention, purpose and foresight and replacing the "teleonomic scenario", marked by extreme doses of volatility that affect especially old Europe.

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New York Supreme Court Awards $13.8 Million to Bitcoin FraudVictims

The State of New York Supreme Court has awarded more than $13.8 million to a Trust whose beneficiaries are Bitcoin fraud victims. The Defendant is The Bitcoin Voluntary Associations, which according to the Plaintiff Crypto Currency Resolution Trust’s legal counsel, Dr. Jonathan Levy, is the same as the crypto enterprise “Bitcoin.” The Trust beneficiaries are a half dozen fraud victims

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Labeling the Serbs as Nazis – The Role of Ruder Finn, a US-Public Relation Firm

The following is an extract of an interview conducted by Mr. Jacques Merlino (Deputy Director of the network TV2, Paris, France) with James Harff (Director of Ruder Finns’s Global Public affairs section), which took place in October 1993. Harrf: For 18 months, we have been working for the Republics of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as for the opposition in

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