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Gorraiz: Are the US and Cuba negotiating the future of Venezuela?

Maduro’s decision to confiscate the General Motors plant was seen by the Trump Administration as an attack against the interests of US multinationals, a scenario that was exploited by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, (former President and CEO of Exxon Mobil when it was nationalized in 2007 by Hugo Chávez) to declare Chavista Venezuela a “dangerous enemy of

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GERMÁN GORRAIZ LÓPEZ: New stage in Cuba-United States relations?

“…However, after Joe Biden’s victory at the polls, the Republican establishment will end up accepting the electoral results and will leave Donald Trump abandoned to his fate and at the mercy of the future judicial processes that await him, the Presidential pardon to Trump not being ruled out to exonerate him from possible court charges in exchange for acknowledging his

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The Brexit and the triumph of Trump staged the settlement of the "teleological scenario" in which the purpose of the creative processes were planned by finite models that could intermodelar or simulate various alternative futures and in which prevailed the intention, purpose and foresight and replacing the "teleonomic scenario", marked by extreme doses of volatility that affect especially old Europe.

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Germán Gorraiz López: Francisco, the CIA and the evangelical churches in Latin America

..One of the keys to this reform is that, in the national churches, laypersons and women can acquire a growing leadership in carrying out general affairs, for which it becomes essential that the once absolute power of bishops and cardinals be reduced and delegated to structures at the base. This is equivalent to a missile aimed at the waterline of

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GERMÁN GORRAIZ LÓPEZ: Towards the militarization of the Arctic?

Towards the militarization of the Arctic? According to an analysis of the Odnako website columnist, Alexander Gorbenko. “the north shipping route (that joins the Atlantic and the Pacific along the Russian coast), is considered as an alternative to the Suez and Panama canals, and could become in the near future one of the most important commercial corridors in the world.”

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German Gorraiz López: How many Palestinian deaths can the world accept without flinching?

According to the US State Department’s “Annual Report on Human Rights Violations” with the Netanyahu Government dangerous violation of human rights by the IDF or the Israeli army “as a result of excessive use of force against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. “In 2015, 149 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces, of which only 77 were killed in attacks and

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