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From Batman-Politics to a Complicated Relationship

The author examines the Europe-Russia relationship in light of past US and EU foreign policy and the current Ukraine crisis. Will American exceptionalism and its Ukrainian failure engender the more classic European relationship with Russia? Can Europe move from a Batman comic-book to return to “Je t’aime — Moi non plus”: a genuine love-hate affair between Europe and Russia, with

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Media and official evidence of “butchering” Slavic people in Kosovo for human organs- Why the West ignored these atrocities !?

Exposed: how Kosovo Serbs were butchered for organs ———– Former chief prosecutor at the International Court of Justice in the Hague has given details of suspected atrocities by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1999. Carla Del Ponte’s book ‘The Hunt: Me and War crimes’ claims that before killing Serbs and members of other ethnic communities, Kosovo Albanians removed their organs

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