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EDITORIAL: So, The British were lying about Russian origin of Novichok agent (video)

What is worrying about this British, and we can say Western, diplomatic witch hunt, which was accompanied by the fake news from pretty much all Western mainstream media- It resulted not only in the new Cold war, but it brought the mankind much closer to the real military confrontation with Russia. And we all know how that could end!? So,

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Orchestrated Tweets: Are Brits and Americans screwing Germans over the refugee crisis!?

He analyzed in total 19,000 tweets. In this category he was looking only for tweets that contained slogan “welcome refugees” and word Germany. When comes to inviting refugees to seek shelter in Germany, “surprisingly” the best majority of tweets originated, not in Germany, but in Great Britain (19.2%) and USA (17%). The percent of Germans advertising own country as “desired refugee destination” was only 6.4%!?

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BLAIR WITCH “PROJECT SERBIA”- British “Independent” about Serbian’ PM two-faced politics…

Tony Blair is being paid to advise Serbia, a country that British warplanes bombed during his time as Prime Minister… The fee for Mr Blair’s private consultancy firm is being paid for by the United Arab Emirates… Mr Blair has faced criticism for giving PR advice to the Kazakhstan regime about how to handle a massacre of civilians by the security services…

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