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The Restored Serbian State and the Albanians, part I

The Restored Serbian State and the Albanians 1804-1876 Relations between the Serbs and Albanians during the 19th century were historically determined, yet contradictory in their reality. These relations were diverse and the resulting friction manifested in bitter conflicts, extreme hostility and spontaneous rapprochement. They contributed to a conscious, planned political commitment to overthrow Turkish rule through the joint efforts of

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Old Serbia, First Serbian Rebellion, History

During the First Serbian Rebellion, Serbia was seen from the perspective of its wholeness – the wholeness of the Serbian people. Vuk’s conceptions of Old Serbia are interesting – the geographic, ethnographic, and historical. According to him, “Old Serbia is the land of our people from the other side of the Stara Mountain. In some places of Old Serbia, e.g.

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WWII: German massacre in Kragujevac- Mass murder of Serbian school children …

German massacre in Kragujevac: den 21 oktober 1941 The Kragujevac massacre was the massacre of over 5,000 civilians — men, women and schoolchildren — in Kragujevac, Serbia, Yugoslavia by the soldiers of Nazi Germany, on 20 October 1941. It was one of the worst massacres during German military occupation of Serbia. The Germans had threatened to shoot 50 Serbs for

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