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UNDER NAZI WINGS: How NATO tested the Goebbels’ strategy of Humanitarian wars

…The analogy of the Wehrmacht aggression- based on the false propaganda, against one small and defenseless country- with the aggression, of today the world most powerful, NATO military alliance against one small Serbia, is obvious. Not only in the striking similarity of the false (war mongering) propaganda- which was in both cases, cited above, presented to the world audience “as

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HRW Report on Khan Sheikhoun, New Evidence

Our media source has obtained an independent investigation report prepared by the group of journalists (Michael Kobs, Petri Kohn, Adam Larson and Qoppa) “How Human Right Watch wags the dog”. The journalists questioned the credibility of the events and facts provided in the HRW report on the incident in the Syria’s Khan-Sheikhoun on April 4. The journalists’ team specializes in

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