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EDITORIAL: We hope Jody’s endgame is to replace the corrupted Trudeau as a Liberal leader, and PM of Canada

`Young Trudeau failed, simply because he locked the horns with “the wrong woman”. Living in Canada for a quarter of century, I don’t remember noticing on the public scene such capable and qualified politician, with such high ethical standards and exceptional honesty, like it is the honorable Jody Wilson Raybould- the Native Canadian from British Columbia. And it’s not only

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Danielle Ryan: ‘Progressive hero’ Justin Trudeau is a fraud and a hypocrite..

`Trudeau and Macron belong to the same breed of politician. When they open their mouths, they appear to be the very antithesis of the likes of Donald Trump, who displays his monstrous nature for all to see. But the Macrons and the Trudeaus of the world are monsters in disguise — and they are just as dangerous…`

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