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Great Serbs: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 (June 28 Old Style) in Smiljan, Lika – then part of the Austrian Military Frontier, currently in the Republic of Croatia. His father Milutin was a Serbian Orthodox priest. His mother Georgina had a remarkable memory for epic poetry. Nikola’s older brother, Dane, died in a horse-riding accident in 1861. He had three sisters: Milka,

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Nebojsa Malic: Kingdom of Heaven

“Why do Serbs celebrate defeat?” comes the question, every June 28. The short and simple answer is, they don’t. But a longer and more complicated answer is needed to explain it properly. June 28 (or 15th, in the Julian calendar), Vidovdan, is the date on which the Orthodox Christian host of Prince Lazar confronted and battled the Ottoman Turks at

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Russia Today – Pro-EU protesters put barricades next to the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers

Sunday, December 8 Russia Today 16:17 GMT: 15:42 GMT: The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has launched a criminal case into “actions directed at a government takeover” in the country, the agency said in a statement. “Certain politicians” are suspected of undertaking unlawful actions with the ultimate aim of organizing a coup, the SBU said, adding that no charges have

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