Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms (Video)

05.10.2012 . Branko Ilic, Serbian FBReporter





At the end of the 1915th , in the second year of the First World War, with the beginning of attack the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire on the small Kingdom of Serbia, Serbian people, its army and government have found themselves facing the greatest temptation in total its history. On Serbia United armies Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany and Bulgaria.

World War 1 Picture – Austrian troops executing captured Serbs in 1917.


Defending every time, every hill, every small river, when every village, plain, curve became historical points, Serbia, trusting in the help of the Allies, with the ‘army, government institutions and refugees find people in Kosovo, remaining free part its territory. There is a further fight became impossible, so the Serbian  Government and the Serbian  Supreme Command, avoiding capitulation, decided to only one fateful, but at the same time honorable to Serbian army, Serbian state and avoid long people leave their own national territory and in several directions, for the largest winter, pull over impassable ravines Arbanija and over roadless southern part of Montenegro to the Adriatic Sea, to meet allies.


Serbian people and the army were exhausted, on edge, hungry and poorly dressed. It was a unique achievement in the history that a country goes into exile. It was unprecedented rescue of national honor, marvelous achievement terrible victims. The most terrible in the First World War.

The martyrdom of the Serbian people in the marches for survival and liberation acquired admiration of the free world for the Serbs and Serbia. “Blessed are you, O land,wich they’re born like this!” – Written by newspapers of the world. Arriving to Corfu allies, the Serbs have all their suffering in the poem,, There, far away. “This sacrificial Serbian achievement of ninety-something years theme is film, “Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms”




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