Kosovo Serbs opposed to joint administration of border checkpoints

News | 08.10.2012 | 12:52

Kosovo Serbs have filed a lawsuit in Serbia’s Constitutional Court urging that the court rule that the Belgrade-Pristina agreement on the joint administration of border checkpoints along the dividing line is illegal. This came in a statement for Russian reporters by the Mayor of the town of Zvecan, Dragisa Milovic.

According to him, the Serbian authorities have to this day been unable to agree a joint platform for the planned talks with Pristina, and it is quite frequently that Parliament, the President and the Prime Minister come up with opinions that are in diametric opposition to one another.

The Zvecan Mayor feels that the Serbian Government’s slogan of “both Europe and Kosovo” is impossible to implement, so Belgrade should turn its face towards the countries that do respect Serbia.

The politician feels that it is only thanks to the energetic moves of Russia and Kosovo Serbs that the  Kosovo problem has not yet been finally closed.



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