Bosnia: Muslims call for mobilization



Sarajevo – One of the leaders of the Wahhabi movement in Bosnia Bilal Hussein Bosnic, recently arrested and released, Muslims call for the mobilization of the message that Allah knows best “bleeding will not stop until we reach the victory of Islam.”

“We need to mobilize all, we should all stand in defense of Islam, according to our abilities and those sectors which have”, says Bosnić in one of the many messages posted on YouTube, 8th October.

Bosnic was arrested last week on suspicion of terrorism and four of his associates, but they were soon released because the prosecution has not sought custody of them. He recently returned to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and so was unable to attend the Novi Pazar protest the film “Innocent Muslims”, which has caused numerous demonstrations in Muslim countries due to claims that insult the Prophet Muhammad.

Prosecution claims that monitors facilities that are often threatening, and that members of the Wahhabi movement placed on the Internet, the agen Banja Luka “Independent newspaper”.

“We must love one whom Allah loves and to hate what Allah hates whom. We have to hate infidels, and even they were our neighbors, or live in our houses. My dear brothers, to be specific, “is another message Wahhabi leaders.

Security experts believe that these words should be taken seriously.

Jasmine Ahić, assistant professor at the School of Criminology and Security Studies in Sarajevo, according to police agencies in situations like this had to respond.

“What he (Bosnic) said, it would be interesting for our law enforcement agencies, but it must always be borne in mind that such sensitive issues should be addressed structurally, no emotion, with experts in the field. BiH has and must have the strength to fight any forms of extremism, “underlines Ahić.

On the other hand, the paper states that the Prosecutor’s claim that everything is “under control”.

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