BREAKING NEWS FROM OCCUPIED KOSOVO: A Serb has been kidnapped in front of a hospital! Protest in Mitrovica at noon!


11.15 am: The arresting of the Serb was done by a third (secret) police

The declaration of Besim Hoti, the spokesman of the Kosovo police forces, stating that they have nothing to do with the arresting of a Serb in Northern Kosovska Mitrovica, makes us think that the arresting was done by some other police forces. Yet again, the declaration of EULEX spokesman, Irina Gudeljevic, that she is aware of the arrest, but that EULEX did not do it, also makes us conclude that this was done by a third party. For the moment, we don’t have any declarations from the KFOR officials, if they participated in the arrest of Slavoljub Jovic. All this makes us believe that the arrest was done by so me «third police forces», for the moment remained secret.It seems that this is a coordinated action of «different police forces», obviously turned against the Kosovo Serbs. From what we know, the arresting was secured by the Polish KFOR soldiers, so the only sure information is that they participated in the arrest. We don’t have any other information about this arrest, but they will certainly come soon.We, Serbs from Kosovo, request for immediate release of the Serb Slavoljub Jovic and for the stopping of all pressures on Serbs , especially on those who still care for their national dignity.

09:18 am: the organisation of Serbian Slavic solidarity G.S. Shcerbina, organizes a protest at noon on Sumadija Square in Kosovska Mitrovica against the arrests of Serbs !

08:45 am: Moments ago in Kosovska Mitrovica, Nebojsa Jovic’s brother was arrested in front of the hospital. We still don’t know by whom, they were wearing black masks and uniforms. We suppose it was SIK or ROSU, with the Polish KFOR soldiers. The kidnapping was done very quickly. A hospital van appeared, whose driver also wore a black mask. Serbs in Mitrovica are preparing protests for noon.

Please forward this information. The hunting for Serbs has began. IMPORTANT! URGENT!

Source: Srbi na okup


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