Poggi: The West conceals the real truth about Srebrenica and Kosovo

In a text for L’Opinione, a Swiss MP, Donatello Poggi, emphasizes that many events in the Balkans in the 1990s were actually the results of a propaganda and that the West is hiding the truth about the numerous Serbs killed in Srebrenica and Kosovo.

Donatello Poggi

Donatello Poggi


In the period from 1992 to 1995, 3,280 Serbs, 70% of whom civilians, were killed in the region of Srebrenica and all the victims are known by their full names, writes Poggi. The other massacre, that of the Bosnian Muslims, contains many unclear aspects in terms of the number of victims, as many lies have been disclosed, such as the presence of victims that had nothing to do with Srebrenica, Poggi underlines.

Those facts have been systematically concealed by Muslim politicians, NATO member-states and the Western media, he writes. As for Kosovo, Poggi wonders whether anyone remembers the so-called massacre of Kosovo Albanian civilians, allegedly committed by the Yugoslav Army.

How many people have become aware so far of the fact that those alleged civilians were actually members of the KLA killed in battle, whereas the head of the international observing group was none other than a CIA agent, William Walker. It was he who ordered that the killed KLA terrorists be dressed as civilians, thus creating the long-awaited opportunity for the declaration of war to FR Yugoslavia, writes Poggi.

No one remembers any more the horrible Croatian Storm operation, of 4 August 1995, when the Croatian army, with 150,000 soldiers, attacked the Serb Krajina and ethnically cleansed it of Serbs. Those who organized that ethnic cleansing, namely the Storm operation, were, like the KLA, criminals financed by the CIA and by Albanians from all over the world, emphasizes Poggi.


Source: voiceofserbia

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