Bill Clinton ‘suggested using Srebrenica to crack down on Serbs’ – witnesses

The Hague Tribunal has resumed legal proceedings in the case of Serbian General Ratko Mladic, who is accused of committing genocide against Muslims in the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 1995.

Elena Guskova

Elena Guskova

The Director of the Center for the Study of the Contemporary Balkan Crisis of the RAS Institute of Slavic Studies Elena Guskova stated once again that genocide did not take place:

“Today, the case of Srebrenica has become a subject of political speculation, in which the Serbs are being involved, although more and more data appears that Srebrenica was a premeditated and well-executed operation of the Muslim intelligence services. The lie about Srebrenica spreads around the world, and it becomes more and more difficult to fight against it. Srebrenica has become a synonym for the genocide of the Muslim population, allegedly committed by the Serbian troops in July 1995. Back then, manipulations with the numbers of victims had already started, and in 2009, the European Parliament announced July 11 the ‘Day of memory of the Genocide in Srebrenica, where the Bosnian Serb forces killed 8000 civilians in 1995.’ However, the number of victims is not confirmed by the facts.”

Of late, documents and materials appearing confirm a different version of the events in Srebrenica and correct the number of victims. Participants of the events have begun to speak out, documents from some countries’ intelligence services are being published, journalists and scientists – including western colleagues – are carrying out serious research.

The UN Secretary General’s Report on the downfall of Srebrenica (1999) notes that some Bosnians from Srebrenica claimed that “President Izetbegovic… told them that, as he had learned, NATO’s intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible, but only in the event if Serbs invaded Srebrenica and killed at least 5000 of its inhabitants.” Hakiye Meholich, a former head of Srebrenica police, confirmed this.

In an interview with Dani magazine, Meholich recited the words of Izetbegovic addressed to the delegation from Srebrenica: “You should know that Clinton suggested to me in April 1993 that the ‘četnici’ forces should enter Srebrenica, slaughter five thousand Muslims, and then a military intervention will occur.” But were there any victims?

From among 2442 bodies found in mass graves in 2003-2006, which had been allegedly executed in July 1995, 914 of them participated in the elections in September 1996. The analysis of the forensic investigation carried out by experts of the Hague Tribunal based on processing remains from mass graves shows that in 92.4% of cases, the cause of death was not formally established. A thorough demographical analysis of Srebrenica’s population before and after the July of 1995 provides very interesting results. The men registered as being alive after a month following the July events in the total number of registered refugees and servicemen of the 28th division of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Army is a little bigger than in July 1995. There is not a single witness either among the UN peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or among the numerous journalists who saw the alleged genocide in Srebrenica back in July 1995 with their own eyes.

Under pressure of the European Union, the Serbs acknowledged their guilt, and in March 2010, the Serbian Assembly expressed apology for the committed crimes. However, they should not have done it until all the circumstances of the events in Srebrenica were clarified and made public. Otherwise it will be a heavy load to bear for all the Serbian people, because it will confirm NATO’s version of the Serbs’ guilt for everything that happened in the Balkans in the nineties and serve as justification for the bombings in 1999.


Source: The Voice of Russia

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