ZEMAN: Kosovo is a terrorist creation funded by narco-mafia

PRAGUE — The favorite to win the Czech presidential elections runoff, Miloš Zeman, has voiced strong criticism of Kosovo.



Speaking for the ČTK news agency he said that if elected, he would “not allow a Czech ambassador to be sent to Priština”.

“I would withdraw even the charge d’affaires that is there now, let alone send an ambassador. I consider Kosovo a terrorist creation   funded by  by narco-mafia,” Belgrade-based daily Danas is quoting Zeman as saying.

According to opinion polls, Zeman is more likely to win in the second round of the elections, scheduled for late January. His opponent is Karel Schwarzenberg.

It was the opposition of the outgoing president, Vaclav Klaus, that prevented the appointment of an ambassador in Priština, although the Czech Republic is among the 22 of EU’s 27 nations that have recognized Kosovo.

Ethnic Albanians there five years ago unilaterally declared independence – a proclamation that Serbia rejects and considers unconstitutional.



Source : Telegraf


  • Mladen-Swiss-Serbian

    This is nothing new,Kosovo Barbarian sale also Human Organs,Prostitution why not also Drugs.So Please Europe help the Kosovo Barbarians,because the BAD BAD Serbian wont to destroy MY BUSINESS!Shame on you Bastard EU,when Kosovo Barbarian sale drugs in Europe this is nothing good for Europe but when they Sale Drugs,Women(from East Europe),and Human Organs then is for EU everthing OK!Fuck you EU!Mr.Zeman i appreciate that what you say and I can say you that,the Serbian People Love Czech People we
    understand that Czech Republic must do that because of pressure from the EU and US-Imperialist mass Murder! Já láska Česká republika!Greetings from Switzerland!Mladen


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