Mrkonjic Grad – The memory of the 181 Serb victims of the massacre

Residents of the Mrkonjic Grad marked the 17th birthday of this Serbian municipality and anniversary since return to their homes after a five-month exile.

It was a chance to remember 181 civilians who were brutally massacred and buried in a mass grave which was found in the Orthodox cemetery, and hundreds of those who were killed by members of the armed forces of Croatia and HVO.



Petar Mitrić PODRUG from the Mrkonjic Grad remembers 4th April, when the body of his brothers Dusko Milorad and uncle were discovered.
– The bodies were mutilated and tortured, and many were unable to identify their loved ones that they have been searching for.
It’s been 17 years, and no one lifted a finger to prosecute perpetrators and commanders and we know who did it – Mitrić said, adding that the only thing worse than murder is cover-up of crimes and prosecute criminals.

Zdravko Karac’s brother Nedeljko was found in a mass grave, as well as their cousin Velibor.

– Croatian ‘general’ Ante Gotovina commanded these operations in Mrkonjic Grad. But he was acquitted by the Hague Tribunal. This tribunal is only to serve the interest of the great powers, which are eager to accomplish their goals over our dead bodies – he’s a man.

Mayor of Mrkonjic Grad Divna Aničić said that their only hope is the responsible will be prosecuted for these crimes.

For 117 days the Croatian aggression in the town of Mrkonjic in the war were destroyed and burned 2308 housing units were destroyed and burned, while about 3,000 were destroyed and looted.

– There were some of the most horrific scenes. I’m not clear why the ICTY Prosecutor and the Court have yet to try crimes in Mrkonjic Grad – Radulj said. The fact is that the crimes were committed. but the last year release of Gotovina and Markac, who commanded the “Storm” was a shock. because we expected them to be tried for crimes in Mrkonjic Grad.


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Source: GlasSrpske

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