Kosovo- EU sponsored Hell for Serbs: Albanians cracked the scull on 9 year old boy- he was guilty for being a Serb

Kosovo- EU sponsored Hell for Serbs: Albanians cracked the scull on 9 year old boy- he was guilty for being a Serb

19 February 2013, SERBian FBReporter

Serbian child wounded in Albanian bomb attack on February 4th 2013

Three years old Serbian boy injured in an Albanian bomb attack on Feb 4th 2013

Today, in the Kosovo city of Strpce, sometime around noon, while walking from his home in the village Donja Bitinja to the nearby elementary school, the third grade student Petar Ivanovic (just a 9 years old Serbian boy) was savagely beaten by the group of Albanians.

This information was released to the press by the the official Serbian office for Kosovo and Metohija (KiM).

The released statement said that the little boy was beaten by the group of Albanians and that after this incident was observed, somebody called the police. They found the boy bleeding and with the broken scull. The police patrol then transported the assaulted child to the Strpce hospital.

No ambulance was called. It is probably needless to say that the responding police officers were Albanians too- which only added the fear to the already traumatized Serbian boy.

The Serbian office for KiM, once again called upon the international authorities [Eulex and KFOR- that supervise “self-governance” of the (illegal) “Kosovo State] to immediately investigate and punish the perpetrators of this cruel ethnic crime.

They reminded of the fact that this latest cowardly attack was just one of many others committed against the Serbian minority by their Albanian “neighbours” in the recent months, highlighting that- as usual criminals were never brought to justice.


Just two weeks ago, in another Albanian cowardly bomb attack on a Serbian home in Northern city of Kosovska Mitrovica, two small Serbian children, aged 3 and 7 from the Vucic family, were seriously wounded and subsequently hospitalized in the Mitrovica hospital. Once again, EU and NATO authorities failed to properly investigate this savage crime, and to bring the the Albanian perpetrators to justice.

Serbian brother and sister age 3 and 7- wounded in Albanian bomb attack on 4FEB2013

Serbian brother and sister (3 and 7 years old) from the Vucic family, wounded in an Albanian bomb attack on their home in Kosovska Mitrovica (4FEB2013)


Since the NATO occupation of the Serbian province of Kosovo in the summer of 1999 (on behalf of the Islamic Albanian rebels, branded by the West as “KLA”) 1,009 Serbian civilians were brutally murdered by Albanian terrorists, and hundreds were kidnapped and smuggled over the border to Albania, to be butchered alive for their organs, and no single Albanian perpetrator was brought to justice.

To add to this “euro-judicial” mockery, all accused Albanian war criminals, even those with established links to Al-Qaeda, were freed by the so called International war crime tribunal for the former republic of Yugoslavia (ICTY) in Hague (the same applies to the Bosniak and Croatian war criminals).

That way, ICTY has become the exclusive “judicial torture chamber” for Serbian nationals, who are at present the only “residents” in ICTY “Shevengen” jail.


There is a joke that goes around in Serbia- that  in Hague Tribunal (ICTY) everybody is innocent, until proven Serb. Unfortunately, the same rule (slightly paraphrased, but with much more brutal consequences in a real life) applies when it comes to Kosovo (versus Hague jail):

… In Kosovo, everybody is human, until proven Serb. Then, the Albanian “hunting season” begins, even on small Serbian children, like in the above horror story.  

All this goes on under the (blind) eye of European and NATO “peacekeepers”- In Serbia, we prefer to call them “occupiers”…


M. Novakovic


Source: various media agencies



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