Kosovo Albanian Viktor Berisha kills 3, injures 7 in Switzerland

BERLIN (AP) – A Swiss athlete was one of the victims of a shooting at a wood-processing company in central Switzerland, police said Thursday, as it emerged that the assailant was originally from Kosovo.

Lucerne police spokesman Urs Wigger said a further six people are still being treated for their injuries, and that he had no immediate information on their conditions.

Viktor Berisha

Viktor Berisha

The assailant entered the Kronospan wood-processing company, where he was a longtime employee, in the small town of Menznau at about 9 a.m. Wednesday and opened fire.

Wigger said the weapon used has been identified as a Sphinx AT 380 handgun, a compact pistol produced by a Swiss company. It was not a military weapon, and it wasn’t clear how the suspected assailant got hold of it or whether he was in possession of it legally.

Among the victims was Swiss athlete Benno Studer, 26, Wigger said. Studer was a successful wrestler in the traditional sport of Schwingen, also known as Swiss wrestling — considered one of the country’s national sports.

Wigger said he could not confirm media reports that the shooter killed himself.

Swiss police did not release the name of the shooter, but in Kosovo authorities said the attacker was born there and that Swiss officials had been in touch with them about the case.

A Kosovo government official close to the contacts with Swiss authorities identified him as Viktor Berisha, an ethnic Albanian.



Source :Oregonlive






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