How Croats and Slovenians started civil war in 1991, resulting in the break-up of Yugoslavia…

More lies to fight against

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While researching some data, I came across an article on published in 2005.

Since I  had a great respect for Voltaireies because of their objectivity and the bravery to speak out the truth (or seemed to me it was, at least), I was quite unpleasantly surprised with the propagandist pamphlet I found there. So, here we go: Voltaire net published in 2005. an article based on premises that even the notorious ICTY in Hague was forced to dismiss.

So let’s make an analysis:

After the collapse of power in East and Central Europe, 83% of the Slovenians voted in favor of the independence of their republic during a referendum. In the meantime, 94% of the Croatians approved a more subtle resolution  to strengthen their autonomy.  –  First falsification: Croatia adopted a Constitution that reduces Serbs to a national minority. There was nothing ’subtle’ in it.  As for the autonomy – Imposing autonomy no matter how large that autonomy may be, guarantees less independence than an republic has. – so it’s both contradiction and against common sense ).

Voltaire continues in the same manner: Both republics drew their own conclusions after Serbia’s rejection to hand over the temporary presidency to Yugoslavia.  – Second falsification, – Stjepan Mesic, a representative of Croatia and close ally of late Franjo Tudjman, was the LAST President of Yugoslavia, the one who was congratulating himself with Champagne   ’accomplishment of the Mission’: “Yugoslavia  doesn’t exist no more!”  (see the video:
The problem appeared because the Croats  declared independence on their national state  (and the sovereignty as well)  on the  territories  where the majority of the Serb population was traditionally settled. And the memory of what happened in WWI, WWII – Jasenovac, Jadovno, Pag genocide in NDH when over a million Serbs were brutally massacred beheaded, tortured an killed, was very alive.   Jasenovac has also been the very first and the only one concentration camp for – mostly Serbian children.

on the picture: Slovenian that – time paramilitary troops ,(TO) , June 1991

On June 25, 1991, both republics separated from Yugoslavia – which then saw itself divided into two parts – and later proclaimed their independence. Serbia immediately launched a lightning attack against Croatia and, two weeks later, against Slovenia.     This sounds like a Croatian ‘ wannabe’  version at the cost of the truth. The first shots in Yugoslavia have been fired in Slovenia. That’s the basics, that even biased and thus ridiculous Wikiedia even recognized.  What else the author doesn’t want you to know is that the  Croatian  high positioned politician MARTIN SPEGELJ  was caught smuggling weapons from Germany and arming ethnic Croatian terrorists who later attacked Yugoslav National  Army throughout the territories in which Croats had the majority.  Spegelj was secretly recorded on 19.10.1990. while preparing and organizing armed attack on Yugoslav army.

on the picture: MPRI (Military Professional Resources, USA) trained Croatian paramilitaries

Remember that Yugoslavia still existed – see the video:  –
( That’s where I suffered from a serious doubts, but I prefer to believe that the Voltaire. net  was rather biased  than malicious weapon of mass deception)

Recently even the Slovenes themselves recognized what really happened and how many unarmed conscripts have been brutally killed by the Slovenian paramilitaries.)
So Slovenian researcher Marko Prešeren says that  it was Slovenian paramilitary forces (inconspicuously named “Territorial defense”, (TO) who have attacked Yugoslav Army stationed in Slovenia, in violation of the international law and Geneva Conventions. nothing to do with what really happened there: When a coldblooded murder of three JNA conscripts by the Slovenian paramilitaries took place, on 28 June 1991, near the border crossing with Austria, in the small town of Holmec.

 Cold blooded murder of three young Yugoslavian army conscripts by Slovenian paramilitary. They were lured to surrender, and once they were outside with hands in the air- “courageous” Slovenian “fighters” (war criminals) gunned them down in cold blood. Entire event was recorded by Austrian TV station, and yet nobody since was brought to justice for this cowardly war crime. So much about Slovenian democracy (EU values?)

According to the 1998 report by the Slovenian biggest circulation daily “Slovenske Novice” , the JNA conscripts surrendered, stepping before the Slovenian paramilitaries with their hands up in the air, waving the white sheet, only to be gunned down on the spot. The whole event was recorded from the other side of the border by the Austrian ORF TV crew, but Slovenia’s state prosecutor continued to insist there is “no suspicion of crimes having been committed at Holmec”. Slovenian leadership, police and paramilitary troops committed a number of grievous war crimes  (not at Holmes only, but throughout the federal republic of Slovenia) and no one was ever charged with it.
on the picture: MPRI (Military Professional Resources, USA) trained Croatian paramilitaries

The Yugoslav air force attacked key infrastructure targets of both republics aiming at damaging their economy and thus preventing them from obtaining their  dependence.” – further says Voltaire. net.  And again it has nothing to do with what really happened there: as for Croatia, after reducing  Serbs to a national minority, Croatian paramilitaries started killing Serbian families in towns ( monstrous case was massacre or Zec family in their own home in Zagreb, altogether with their children is the most famous one),  and in the same time their paramilitaries started several armed attacks on the territories with Serbian majority and Yugoslav national army caps.  they attacked to kill, as Slovenians did few months earlier.
And there has never been any attacks of Yugoslav air forces, even though every state must intervene by force when their army is attacked.   So the whole story was Again  Croatian wannabe story and Ruder Finn’s PR project)
The first JNA (Yugoslav national army) victim  in Croatia was 20 years  old conscript Sasko Gosevski  from Kavadarci, FRY Macedonia, who after being taken out of the military vehicle , was brutally strangled by the fanatic Croats..

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