The Bosnian ‘Death Camp’ Accusation: An Expose

The movie Judgment!

It shows how the media lied about Bosnia to justify war.

Film Proves Death Camp Photos Were Faked


In 1992 the world was shocked by pictures of a supposed death camp run by the Bosnian Serb government. These pictures were distributed by ITN, the British news station. The worst – a faded black and white photo of an almost skeletal man, naked to the waist, apparently behind barbed wire – stuck in people’s minds. These pictures convinced millions that the Serbs were the new Nazis.

The pictures were fabricated – staged and edited to communicate a lie. “Judgment,” the new documentary, proves it.

The video relies on footage shot at the same time the ‘death camp’ shots were filmed. The narration is thoughtful, understated. The film itself shows what ITN chose not to let people see. And it illustrates, step by step, how the phony pictures were created.






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