At least 9 people dead in Missouri shooting rampage – report

Published time: February 27, 2015 14:21

A man has gone on a shooting spree in rural Missouri, killing eight people before turning the gun on himself, local media report.

The rampage occurred in the rural Missouri community of Tyrone, NBC affiliate KYTV reported. The Missouri Highway Patrol is set to hold a news conference on Friday to provide further details.


Nine Dead, Including Gunman, in Missouri Shooting Spree: Report


Nine people were killed in a shooting spree in and around the rural Missouri community of Tyrone, NBC affiliate KYTV reported. Among the dead was the shooter, whose body was found in a neighboring county, the station reported.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol received a call at around 5:20 a.m. CT requesting a coroner for a suicide in connection to the body of a man found on a highway, reported NBC affiliate KSHB. State police planned a news conference Friday morning to discuss the details.


Nine people were killed in a southern Missouri shooting spree last night near Tyrone.
The shooter is also dead.

Bodies were found at four different crime scenes.

crime spree

The shooter was found dead in Shannon County.

The Fort Bend Star reported – The suspect never said anything to any of the victims but in some of the cases, took the time to get out of the car to do the shooting.The Houston Herald reported:

Nine persons died at multiple scenes in south-central Missouri following shootings, Texas County Sheriff James Sigman confirmed to the Houston Herald this morning.

Sigman said there are four confirmed crime scenes at Tyrone, a possible fifth location and a sixth outside of Texas County.

Sigman made the statement as troopers and deputies mobilized in the area. He declined to offer any additional information about the investigation or the believed shooter.

A neighbor in the area reported that at 3:45 a.m. authorities came to the door checking for fatalities or injured. Persons in a Highway H household said they were told to stay in the house and not to open the door to strangers.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has established a mobile command post at Highways 137 and H.

Authorities said additional information will be released at a news conference slated to occur at the Texas County Justice Center in Houston this morning.

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