«Ministry of Truth » of Ukraine Urges Citizens to Begin the Day with Prayer and Singing Anthem

The Ministry of Informational Policy of the European Ukraine, better known as the Ministry of the «truth», seriously believes that all citizens of Ukraine should begin and end their day with prayers and singing of the national anthem, following the example that has spread in Western Ukraine.

This wish was expressed by the odious head of department Yuriy Stets during the Kyiv Roundtable «How to win the informational war?» .
Stets is outraged that the East, instead of chanting hymns, is busy trampling the flag of Ukraine.
I like it when people in Western Ukraine sing a hymn as they get up, and I do not like it when in the Eastern Ukraine people trample my flag. My three year old child, like the rest of my four children, starts the morning with a prayer and ends the evening by singing a hymn. We did not teach them to do it. We just do not have time to do it. But it seems to be inborn in them. It is necessary that it was like this all over the country, «- said Stets.

Then the official took a tablet and showed a video of his child singing Ukrainian anthem to the audience, concluding his presentation with the words “Glory to Ukraine!” Stets, unlike the people from Eastern Ukraine, certainly has something to praise Ukraine for. In any normal country, he could hardly qualify anything higher than the job of a street sweeper.


Source: SouthFront.info

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