Washington sets tone of anti-Russian propaganda in USA, Moscow draws conclusions

Official Washington sets the tone of unbridled anti-Russian propaganda in the United States and so Russia draws conclusions from it, the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday commenting on scandalous statements of US Retired Gen Robert Scales urging to “start killing Russians.”

“US certain military and political persons who began to kill in Vietnam like Gen Robert Scales cannot just stop and calm down,” Alexander Lukashevich said. “Savage Russophobia [or anti-Russian sentiment] makes them blind and they cannot be adequate in perceiving the reality.”

“More disgusting is the fact that appeals to start killing our compatriots, all of us, have been aired on one of the US nation-wide broadcasting channel in primetime targeting the largest possible audiences,” he said. “That is how that country’s central media outlets create an atmosphere of hatred to Russia in the American society.”

“Official Washington sets the tone of unbridled anti-Russian propaganda by reiterating aggressive statements day after day,” the Russian diplomat said. “We draw relevant conclusions but Scales should pay attention to the fact that a criminal inquiry has been launched against him on Article 354 of the Russian Criminal Code.”

On Tuesday, Fox News aired a video featuring Scales, who said that “the only way the United States can have any effect in this region [eastern Ukraine] and turn the tide is start killing Russians.”


Source: http://tass.ru/en/world/782432

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