Zakharchenko is preparing “the Mariupol cauldron” for Ukrainian force

Head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that in case Ukrainian forces resume hostilities in Donbass, they would encounter the next, 3rd cauldron in the area of Mariupol.

“There had been two cauldrons already. We need to create the third, in order for them to realize that they need to stop doing evil things. They will have to sit down and think things over before doing something”, — Zakharchenko said at the briefing in Novoazovsk. At that he emphasized that the self-defense forces will act preventively”.

“At the moment we fully follow the Minsk Agreement. We have withdrawn the heavy weaponry. We are getting ready for the sowing campaign. We are living peaceful life, we are engaged in constructive work and will be doing everything necessary for the peaceful life. And Ukraine, which is used to solving its issues with the help of war, will lose the country sooner or later”, — added the head of the DPR.


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