Srebrenica, Another Genocide Over SERBIAN Population


Bill Clinton worships Al Qaeda terrorists in Srebrenica, Serbian Republic of Bosnia

Bill Clinton worships Al Qaeda terrorists in Srebrenica, Serbian Republic of Bosnia

In nineties, Srebrenica was the center of terrorist activities – «Jihad», the Muslim 28th Division under the command of Naser Oric Monster, with the participation of  mujahedeens  operated here, covered by UN and US forces. In 1993, The Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina, in Vienna, even issued the Bosnian passport to Osama bin Laden! Thus, Bin Laden became honored Bosnian citizen, under  blessings of the Bill Clinton administration.

The US diplomacy is still supporting the pro-Muslims’ politics in the Balkans. Bil Laden was killed, but his mujaheedins can still freely work in Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia. How is that possible? The US diplomats want to dominate all Slavonic nations (Serbia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria…) and they just use those Muslims’ populations as “useful idiots” to destabilize beautiful South Slavonic countries.

Philippe Morion, French general who was in Sreberenica, wrote on page 72 of his book The Words of a Soldat:

“Srebrenica is according to its geographical features an impregnable fortress. From this position, Naser Oric and his men performed a series of bloody attacks on surrounding Serbian villages. One of the bloodiest took place in Serbian New Year 1993 (Kravica). According to his confession, to me, Naser Oric on that occasion killed all captured Serbs. This is justified by saying that his Islamic faith dictates such acts “!

Morion’s book in French: 9782715811188: Paroles de soldat: Lettres a un jeune officier (French Edition) – AbeBooks – Morillon, Philippe: 2715811187

Here you can see how Serbian army forces have treated Muslims civilians (together with UN blue helms) in Srebrenica, Bosnia during the so called “genocid over muslims /Bosniacs”:

A Serb from Bosnia, General Mladic, protected Muslims civilians and gave them buses, food and water for to leave fighting zones (as you can see). There was no genocide over Muslim population in Srebrenica like main stream media want you to believe – there was no genocide over Bosniaks because all Bosnian muslims victims were jihad fighters who had been killed during fight (in war). Even the so called “tribunal” in The Hague for ex-Yugoslavia admitted that there was no genocide!

Now,  you can see here how djihadistes have treated the Serbian population – the content is very hard, not for sensible persons – there are photos of Srebrenica Serbian victims (use Google Traduction  from Serbian language into your language).

In Srebrenica, there was a massacre over Serbian civilians: youngest victim was a 4 years old boy who was found with cut arms and a  cross like open Intestinium wound; the oldest is an 84 old man – done by Naser Oric jihad army!

The English/US war manipulators will bring  Srebrenica “genocide” in next weeks into the mass media – so, the misinformation that is the pure war manipulation will go ahead! Please, study the question and find the Truth for yourself! Don’t let them manipulate you. Don’t let them create a new consent for new wars in The Balkans.  Serbs can not hate their Muslim bothers in Bosnia because they know that those Muslims in The Balkans are Serbian children that Turkish invadors gave life through rapes, harems jail and In/volontery conversion to Islam from 1389-1913 ! Unbelievable, but Bosniac nation does not exist because Bosniacs are called only those Serbs who were turned into Islam and who speak the same language like their Christian brothers – yes, Serbs from Bosnia speak the same language and have same origins and same culture like their Muslim brothers. It’s one people and one land.

Serbia has been attacked three times in last century:

1. In 1914 Serbia was attacked by Austrohongarian monarchy army and has lost 1/3 of its civilian population in WWI. The song TAMO DALEKO  was written and sung in Greek exile by Serbian army. The Habsburg monarchy annexed Bonia and Herzegovina where lived majority Serbian population who didn’t want German masters over them – a 17 years old Serb, Gavrilo Princip, killed the German speaking Monarch in Sarajevo – but, this was not the real reason for aggression over Serbia. Germans / Austrians were prepared and wanted war, while Serbs were not prepared and didn’t want war – Serbs were obliged to stand together behind their child, Gavrilo Princip, because of honor. Howeber, Serbs won and created Yugoslavia where all Slavonic people were united.

2. In 1941 Serbia was attacked by Hitlers army and once again, 1/3 of Serbian civilians  have been exterminated – google : Jasenovac,  Jadovno and learn how Croatia Catholic Nazis together with German Nazis have tried to completely exterminate all Serbs in Krajina (=Lika, Baranja…=Nikola Tesla’s home) and Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Serbs were attacked because Hitler wanted the “Endlösung für alle Slaven” – total extermination of all Slavonic people (exept Catholic Croate population that served loyaly Nazi interests and exterminated Jews, Serbs better than the very Germans). However, once again, Serbs won the WWII, too.

3. In 1992-1999 Serbian population was attacked by NATO army and some other “democratic countries”:

– the entire Krajina Serbian population was expulsed from Croatia. Video of expulsion:

– the entire Serbian population was expulsed from Sarajevo and South Bosnia that is Herzegowina (  Homeland  of  the Serbian  Poet from Bosnia, Aleksa Santic who wrote on his love toward a muslim girl the most beautiful love song of the world:

– almost the entire Serbian population was expulsed from Kosovo & Metohija  (all monasteries from XI -XIV centuries were burned under Albanian Muslims attacks: Serbian Poet Ivana Zigon speaks on images of burning churches in Kosovo:

… that no Western media have ever shown). This war is not over.

The genocide against Serbian & Slavonic populations is still on – covered by main stream mass media and its masters in Vatican, Washington  and London (all three cities have the greatest obelisks from Egyptian satanic religions where slaves were created for to serve the tiny psychopathic elite). Those masters want you to remain their bank and mind slaves. You can not be free if you do not know what they are plotting – they want to master not only you and Ukraina, Poland, South Slavic lands… but the entire world. And, they are doing it with your money:  from your taxes! You pay their satanic deeds, lies, manipulations and even your own enslavement.

First, the elites create consent for have your agreement for to attack innocent people all over the world – don’t let them attack Slavonic people! Don’t let Srebrenica lies pass! Send light to Slavonic people and send sand, rocks, fire to all those who want more wars.

“… believe me when I say to you, Russians love their children too ”

Dr. Jasmina Vucic-Peev
Source: Ћирилизовано

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