Alexander Dorin, Writer of a Book on Srebrenica Disappeared! Arrested? Where is he?


We don’t need to explain to readers of the Serbian FaceBookReporter who was Alexander Dorin. I am sure that you all have read our FB Feuilleton that I had written about him and about his research on Srebrenica events. Those who read it for the first time, can click on the headline (there are 9 parts): TALKS ABOUT THE TRUTH (1), Alexander Dorin, “I know very well what genocide is and what is not … “ or a brief overview in English: SREBRENICA’ ‘” FACE OFF “: REAL GENOCIDE- THE WEST DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT … (warning- very hard material) that did Miodrag Novakovic, the administrator of the Serbian FBReporter.


A colleague, Bogdan Pantic from the Newsroom Sputnik contacted the Swiss officials. The Swiss Justice Ministry told Sputnik that he was not arrested on their order.
A spokesman for the Swiss Justice Ministry, Folco Galli, said that Dorin was arrested by order of the Ministry of Justice office, but that does not mean that he may not be arrested for other reasons, or in another investigation of Swiss government bodies.
“Our department has not a strong authority. We are only responsible for the international requirements to track and arrest. If a person has been arrested during an investigation into the crime in Switzerland, we have no authority to give such information”, said Folco Galli for Sputnik. The Ministry of Home Affairs told to the Sputnik’s editoral staff that Mr. Folco is in charge of the case.

(photo - Is Aleksander Dorin arrested?)

(photo – Is Aleksander Dorin arrested?)

The official FBReporter’s letter that was sent from our editor, Miodrag Novakovic, three days ago, has not yet been answered. Many people who are interested in the case have received from the Swiss authorities the answer that they ” do not have any information”, or even that they “can not to give any information ”


The author of the book “Srebrenica – As It Happened Indeed,” Alexander Dorin (real name:Boris Krljić) disappeared, according to the Serbian press on the basis of the informations that appeared on the social network Facebook profile Alexander Dorin on June 22, 2015 12: 02 “Arrested three days ago and since then he disappeared without a trace”

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(Important information!!!!! Our friend Aleksandar Dorin has benn arrested by Swiss Police and is not allowed to have any contact to anyone. Help him now !!!! )

The same source wrote on question about the veracity of this news:

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(“Unfortunately, this is true. The doors of his house were broken and everything was blown apart and smashed. They were looking for something. A tenant was present. They were 6 or 7. They even took out the parquet, knocked down the doors. According to the Basel police, Aleksandar took the contact with his lawyers. We have been allowed to write to him. Tell Yugoslav to call me. It’s an emergency!!!”)

So, we unofficially learned that Alexander Dorin, a respected researcher and co-author of the “Lies about Srebrenica” really has been taken somewhere from someone …

Concerned Facebook users, Dorin friends and admirers of his investigation of the truth about Srebrenica have opened a support page on which they “seek answers” and ask questions, “but additionally inform the general public about the disappearance of the writer: “Support Aleksander Dorin / Untestûtzung fur Aleksander Dorin.”

(foto - I am A. D)

(foto – I am A. D)


It can be supposed that those who “eliminated” Dorin, have had several reasons to do it, but the main reason may be that he has a video footage or documents that may bring down the false story about Srebrenica which for decades has been presented to western citizens.

In March, Alexander Dorin presented his new book at Leipzig’s Book Fair. It was an opportunity for those who do not agree with Dorin^s “denying of genocide in Srebrenica”. Individuals, certain organizations and teven he local press threatened him. You can read it by clicking on the title: Genozid-Leugner wirbt der “Weltwoche” (A Serbian Resident in Basel Denies in a Book the Genocide in Srebrenica. At the Leipzig Book Fair, He Provoked Protests. Now, He Is in the “Weltwoche”).



Our editorial board, whose occasional collaborator is Alexander Dorin, received last month from him a text with a request to publish it on our website in foreign languages. We have done it, because it was very important (he was publicly threatened because of the truth about Srebrenica ). This text can be read by clicking on the title: Türkentum and Reinkultur: Bosnischer Konsulatssekretär dreht durch!

These threats are associated with the interwies he gave to me and to the journalist from the Online-Shop Pars & PARS پارسه و پارسه in which, in the eleventh part, he mentioned some threats received by email and on social networks.


foto Zoran Jovanovic

In January last year, Dorin said that his collaborator, Zoran Jovanovic, who worked on the study of the events in Srebrenica and who was the co-author of the book that was published in 2012 in Leipzig, died on July 13, 2013, just ten hours after he reported that he managed to buy two videos, which according to Jovanovic’s words, presented the “evidence to demolish the myth of Srebrenica.”

Zoran Jovanovic, paid the truth on Srebrenica with his life, according to Dorin’s words (click on the headline to read the full text)!, During the war, he was the head of the Information Service of the Drina Corps of the Army of the Serbian Republic, and co-authored a book on Srebrenica with Dorin. About him, read by clicking on the title text: Memories of a fighter for the truth about Srebrenica and the suffering of the Serbs: Zoran Jovanovic.

Before the war, Zoran Jovanovic was the editor of “Vlaseničke News”, but after the outbreak of the war, as a member of the Army of the Republic of Serbia / RCC /, he served as Chief of Press Center of the Drina Corps. After the war, Jovanovic for several years was the director of the Vlasenica Radio and Television, and was a correspondent of “Voice of Serbian” and the Republic of Serbia News Agency SRNA. He died on July 13, 2013.

And, Dorin, at the end of 2013, in an article presented evidence that between 3,000 and 4,000 Muslims, in July 1995 fled to Serbia and were accommodated in Serbian refugee camps. This is about the evidence that in Srebrenica not 8,000 Muslims were killed, but considerably less. And then, in his words, “death threats have doubled over the internet space.”


Otherwise, Alexander was preparing to participate in a conference on Srebrenica, organized by the Strategic Moscow’s Culture Fund in Belgrade and “Srebrenica Historical Project” from The Hague, led by Stefan Karganovic, early next month. We contacted Mr. Dorin on this occasion and he was really pleased to be able to contribute to the truth on Srebrenica events. Also, some organizers have contacted him last week but they did not get any answer, as many friends with whom he collaborated …


Otherwise, Dorin’s publisher learned about Dorin’s dissapearing via our e-mail that was sent from our associate with the question whether he knows something on Aleksander’s disappearance. Again, the unofficial information was that “we do not have to care – lawyers were hired by the Dorin’s publishing house – everything will be fine “…
However, we wanted to check it. And here is what we found out :

Publishing houses Ahriman-Verlag GmbH representatives responded differently to our questions, which leaves some doubt about the accuracy of the information that was previously given. They were informed on Dorin’s disappearance only after receiving official letter of a group of concerned journalists and friends around the world.
Here, see it for yourself:

Dear friends (ie. All of you who took contact with our Publishing House because of the Mr. Dorina”s persecution by the Swiss authorities), we still do not know more than you about where Dorin may be nor do we know the reseaons of his arrest. But, we prepare every possible aid (we do not specify any details, because we live in a totalitarian system). As soon as an effect of our activities, bring some results, you will be informed. But do not expect too much… “.


Anyway, there are many reasons for the Dorin’s mysterious disappearance, kidnapping, or whatever it is, and the situation is already very serious and is sensitive…

According to the previous Dorin’s informations he was arrested and tortured in 2005. Police took him during arresting a neighbor, beat him and told him afterwards, that it was a fault. For months he had some post traumatic syndroms.

It is our human basic duty to engage into investigation and find out as soon as possible where is ALEXANDER DORIN. We have to provide him with the necessary professional and legal assistance.

On behalf of the Editorial Board of the Serbian FBReporter,

Biljana Diković, journalist and editor

June 24th. 2015


original: ВЕЋ ЧЕТИРИ ДАНА НЕМА ДОРИНА: Да ли је ухапшен Александар Дорин, где се налази? – СРБски ФБРепортер
Translate to English language by Jasmina Peev



Veritas Vos Liberabit…

(The truth shall set us free…)

What you are about to read (and watch) is the third part of FBR editor Biljana Dikovic’s interview (serial) with Mr. Alexander Dorin, publicist from Switzerland, about the real genocide that has been taking place in, and around Srebrenica for almost three years, prior to Srebrenica “incident” in 1995- which was labeled by the “West influenced” Hague tribunal (ICTY) as a “genocide”, allegedly perpetrated by Serbs. We are not going to discuss, nor confront here this statement in any way…

…We are going here to present you the indisputable evidence about horrific crimes committed against “Srebrenica Serbs” by the West backed Islamic fighters- the facts that are still today suppressed or censored by the Western governments, and by most of their main-stream media.

The Islamic fighters (so called Bosnian army) reinforced by Mujahedin fighters from Islamic countries, literally wiped out hundreds of Serbian villages in the Srebrenica region. In their path of death and destruction they did not spare even the small Serbian children, women, elderly… not even the Serbian pets! They tortured and murdered over 3,500 Serbs- and mutilated, wounded and imprisoned many more…

Most of these horrific atrocities were committed in 1993, and what makes things worse, they were committed by the heavily armed and numbered Muslim paramilitaries coming from the (“supposedly” demilitarized) UN “safe heaven” of Srebrenica- which was under the control of UN and NATO authorities.

It is needless to say, that Srebrenica “safe heaven” was never demilitarized, and that UN and Western “authorities” just stood by, and did nothing to prevent genocide over Serbian people.

Such intolerable suffering of Serbian Christian population in the hands of Islamic paramilitaries warranted some military (re)action- due to inability or unwillingness of the West and the UN forces to react…

…And such military action came in July of 1995, when regular army of “Republika Srpska” liberated Srebrenica.

The rest of this (official version) story is just politics and short term manufactured “history” in the form of “convenient truth”, mostly for the Western public consumption. However, the final judge of Srebrenica “events’ will be the real history- in decades, or even the centuries ahead  (as the old Latins used to say- in the end “the truth shall set us free”)…

That’s why it is important for us to put “on the record” this story, the story about the real genocide, the West doesn’t want you to know about…. 

FBR editor M. Novakovic


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