Former prime minister of Kosovo is the head of organ trafficking in Europe, claims Nigerian NMA

Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty staated in a hard-hitting 2010 report that senior KLA commanders – including current Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci – were involved in illegal organ trafficking.

The report said that organs were taken from the bodies of prisoners, Serbs, held by the KLA in Albania and Kosovo at the time.

Of course that Thaci as well as Albania have denied the accusations and condemned Marty’s report, as well as Sunday’s revealing of the witness and his claims.

In addition to Dick Marty, and Gerard Gallucci ( former head of UNMIK in northern Kosovo), came out with claims that the U.S., UK , Germany , France and Italy ” have been well informed about human organs trafficking as well as the “black surgery” the kidnapped Serbs in Kosovo were exposed to. ” Regardless of whether we know or not what happened , the great ‘ Quint ‘ (the above mentioned states) certainly knew . They have the information , resources and a long history of cooperation with KLA. “No matter what the truth about organ trafficking is, the involvement of some top world leaders is certain and confirmed in this international crime and corruption , “says Gallucci . In 2011. Galluci predicted that “Kosovo PM” Thaci will remain PM, regardless what Dick Marty’s report says because he’s protected by the United States and other Western powers.”

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