If Hillary was knowingly exposing a child to her pneumonia as Candidate- What she will do to country as President !?

After Hillary Clinton’s “medical episode” today, it was suddenly announced she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

It is not just the physical capability of the candidate that has been called into question amid a rigorous campaign tour schedule, but the fact that Clinton’s illness remained undisclosed up until the moment that she had to be evacuated from the 9/11 remembrance ceremony.

But that didn’t stop her from recklessly embracing a child on a New York City street on Sunday, despite the fact that the illness is contagious.

Hillary exited Chelsea Clinton’s apartment building before exclaiming, “I’m feeling great!”

She reportedly recovered for two hours inside Chelsea’s apartment. Chelsea has two young children in the home.

Moments later, a child ran past a protective detail to greet Clinton in what some are saying was a staged event.

Hillary then touched her on the shoulders and bent down nearer to her, despite pneumonia being a contagious illness.

WedbMD reports:

“Walking pneumonia” sounds like it could be a character in a sci-fi horror flick. Although this form of infectious pneumonia can make you miserable, it’s actually the least scary kind of pneumonia. That’s because it’s a mild pneumonia and does not generally require hospitalization. You could have walking pneumonia and not even know it. …

And, even though the disease is contagious, it spreads slowly. The contagious period in most cases lasts less than 10 days. Researchers also think it takes prolonged close contact with an infected person for someone else to develop walking pneumonia; still, there are widespread outbreaks every four to eight years.

Pneumonia is an airborne illness that can spread with ease through someone coughing or sneezing in your direction. There are over 3 million cases of the ailment diagnosed annually in the United States, and that number is expected to grow by 2017. There are just as many children and infants that suffer from pneumonia then there are adults, but most commonly diagnosed with it are senior citizens. Prevention can start be covering your cough, and always steering clear of those that are already sick, while additionally teaching your little ones to also do these same two measures as they often carry the bug to their senior family members.

If Hillary Clinton knowingly has a contagious illness, why is she potentially exposing a child to it?

Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, according to her doctor, who made the statement Sunday following the Democratic presidential candidate’s collapse at the 9/11 memorial in New York.


Story Changes Again, Now Hillary’s Doctor Claims She Has Pneumonia

Tyler Durden's picture

Having stated that her coughing fit last week was due to her suffering from seasonal allergies, and that this morning’s fainting episode was due to ‘overheating’, the Clinton campaign now once again changed the constantly changing narrative, releasing a shocking statement by Hillary’s doctor, according to which she was diagnosed pneumonia on Friday, which in turn made her “dehydrated.” 

As CBS writes, Hillary’s campaign did not immediately explain why the Democratic nominee did not reveal the pneumonia diagnosis prior to the Sunday incident, raising questions of transparency.

This is what her spox said earlier: “Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen.  During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.” We read it twice: no mention of pneumonia.

So when the entire Clinton campaign fell like a ton of bricks on anyone hinting the presidential candidate was unwell after her dramatic coughing fits last week, what word best describes this?  And then why did it take two days since Friday for this Doctor Bardack to reveal Clinton’s medical condition?

Five more questions:

  1. Hillary made her infamous “basket of deplorables” comments at a Barbra Streisand fundraiser on Friday night – the same night she was supposedly diagnosed with pneumonia: why go to a fundraiser if sick, especially since pneumonia is contagious.
  2. Hillary has had a nasty, documented cough since January – why did it take 9 months to diagnose this?
  3. If Hillary has pneumonia, and passed out at an event, – why was she taken to her daughter’s apartment and not a hospital? After all, she was as of today aware of her Friday diagnosis. 
  4. After coming out of Chelsea’s apartment, why did Hillary says she “felt great” – as of this morning she was aware she had Pneumonia; why not admit the truth for once to the public?
  5. After coming out of Chelsea’s apartment a young girl ran up to Hillary for a quick picture – again, knowing she had been diagnosed with pneumonia why would Hillary expose this young girl to her illness?
  6. Does pneumonia typically require neurological testing?

This story smells so bad, that even the left-leaning media is upset at the Clinton campaign:

It makes one wonder why something as simple as her not being well has to be lied about, covered up, spun, and then propagandized? A distraction from her ‘deplorable’ comments? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, all those mainstream media types damning conspiracy-theorists over health concerns are now silenced.

We wonder if now Hillary will blame her (non-GAAP) pneumonia for having to back out of the upcoming debates, and finally, with credibility in anything Hillary says no non-existent, would it be too much to ask for an independent verification of her rapidly changing medical condition especially since nobody knows what is going on, and whom to believe any more.




http://rmhealthy.com/10-common-symptoms-pneumonia/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=Google%20-%20CPC%20-%2010%20Symptoms%20of%20Pneumonia&gclid=Cj0KEQjwpNm-BRCJ3rDNmOuKi9IBEiQAlzDJH6cOBdXVUOj1HjZa9Cw0gthBZBOn0alcuB2bAv0C1iwaAuiT8P8HAQ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-11/hillarys-doctor-releases-statement



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